Pakistan’s Footballs Are Missed in 2010 FIFA World Cup

by on July 15, 2010

2010_FIFA_World_Cup_logoJabulani means ‘to bring joy’ in Zulu. To great dismay, 2010 FIFA World Cup Ball, which was titled as Jabulani, could not bring enough joy in the game. Instead, Jabulani Ball cause a lot of difficulty for players because of the material it is made of. Among the top players of football, the criticizm and complains are increasing regarding the ball, stating that it is very difficult to deal with the ball flight. Top players like Casillas, Khune, Bafana, Joseph and many others considered the ball as a nightmare. Many complained that the ball is very unexpected and weird as well.

No such protests ever trended when footballs were provided by Pakistan for FIFA World Cups. Pakistan excels in the manufacturing of footballs around the world and is the “International Number One” in providing the best footballs. Around 80% footballs of different associations are made in Pakistan. In Pakistan, Sialkot (Saga City) is known for its outstanding footballs world over. Sialkot became an international celebrity when it launched the “Tango” ball for the FIFA World Cup 1982 in Spain.

The criticizm on the ball being used in FIFA World Cup has proven it again that no one can beat Pakistan in making the best footballs.

The Pakistani football manufacturing industry is still striving for the best and is manufacturing the best. The leading industrialists are hopeful that FIFA would be crawling back to Pakistan for footballs supply in 2014.

All the best Pakistan!

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