Performance of Peru, Paraguay and Uruguay football teams in Copa America

by on July 4, 2011
in Copa America

Copa_America_winnersPeru football team had not a glorious history in FIFA World Cup though it maintained an image and impression in Copa America tournament. It had gone through a golden era taken from 1930-1982 to a dark age, as it did not qualify to FIFA World Cup for 7 times consistently! Peru is ranked on 49th position by FIFA ranking. In a nut shell its performance in both Copa America and FIFA World Cup had been not so good.

It managed to secure this title only twice, 3rd position as 6 times and 5 times as 4th position.

So far Peru had shown an average performance in the tournament!!

Paraguay football team proved to be the dark horse in the world of Copa America and it showed great performance in FIFA World Cup 2010, and considered as an emerging team in the football world and is ranked on the 23rd position by FIFA ranking. Paraguay football team appeared in Copa America football tournament for 33 times but secured the title only twice, while secured 2nd, 3rd and 4th position 5, 3 and 6 times respectively. Though its overall performance in Copa America had not been a powerful one yet it is considered as a favorite South American football team.

Uruguay football team is considered to be as famous and important team as Argentina in the world of Copa America football tournament, winning the title for 14 times, reaching the semis for 34 times, 6 times as runner-up, 9 times as second runner-up and 5 times at 4th position. Uruguay had given good performance in the FIFA World Cup, and has always amazed the viewers with its charming and charismatic image in Copa America football tournament. Uruguay is ranked as 18th best football team by FIFA ranking, with winning the World Cup for two times in the history.

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