Performance record and best football players of Hoffenheim fotoball club

by on April 19, 2011
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Hoffenheim fotoball club

1899 Hoffenheim football club have certainly become a force to reckon with in German football since their amazing run in the past decade or so. They have moved up the ladder and have climbed up from playing in 5th division just in 2000 to now playing in the Bundesliga and eyeing a spot in Europe.

Although the club has come under heavy criticism from various corners of the press, it has also been seen negatively by other clubs and their fans since they believe that 1899 Hoffenheim FC is just in the Bundesliga because of large money invested in it and does not have a proper history or even a fan base. In the midst of all the pressures, the club has still performed well and won a few regional trophies along with their ascent from the 5th division to the top division courtesy hard work and enthusiasm of it’s players.

1899 Hoffenheim football club certainly isn’t known for big named football players but since it is playing in the top division now, days aren’t far off when it too would have big names in the world of football on it’s pay roll since money doesn’t seem to be an issue. However a few notable players that play for the club or who have previously played for them are Felx Luz, Francisco Copado, Timo Hildebrand etc.

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