Performance Record and Top five players of Aston Villa FC for 2009-2011

epl: Aston Villa football club

Aston Villa FC is honored with many European and domestic league titles. The club’s last major achievement was in 1996 when they won the League Cup. Aston Villa holds the record number league goals scored by any top-flight club and has the fourth highest tele of title winning by any English club. In late 18th and 19th century Aston Villa was considered as one of the most fear-some club to play with because of their unpredictable strategy, awesome team chemistry and willingness to win. Their club honors include the following:

1) European Cup winners in 1982

2) European Super-Cup winners in 1982-1983

3) Intertoto Cup winners in 2001

4) Premier League winners [7 times]

5) Second Division champions [2 times, in 1938 and 1960]

6) Third Division champions in 1972

7) FA Cup winners [7 times]

8) Football League Cup winners [5 times]

9) Won FA Charity Shield in 1981

10) Won Football League War-Cup in 1944

Such an exemplary record suggests that Aston Villa FC has the components, talent and top-quality cream needed to win more major titles. However because of poor performances they are currently on 15th position in English Premier League.

Aston Villa FC is well known for grooming of exceptionally talented players such as Ashley Young, Carew etc. These players are the reason behind Aston Villa’s huge success on and off the pitch, because they always display high levels of determination, skills and cooperation inorder to succeed in every challenge they have to face with. John Carew ranks number one for his ability to score and break every defensive tactic along with display of highly impressive skills and trick, as a result in last fifty appearances he was able to score up to 18 goals. Carew is followed up by Ashley Young, a winger highly famous for his speedy dribbling and exceptional crosses. He is the one who has assisted 24 times and scored 13 times in his last 68 appearances. Another remarkable player of Aston Villa FC is none other than James Milner with 13 goals in last 50 appearances, despite the fact that he got transferred to Manchester city in the last transfer season. Milner followed by Brad Friedel, a keeper with great reflexes and defensive record.






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