Performance record of AZ football club

by on April 21, 2011
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Performance of AZ-(football-club)

Although a relatively young club but the AZ football club has really worked hard to prove itself not only in the Netherlands but all across Europe. Though they have been in the relegation zone on more than a few occasions and have also been relegated but the club always seems to bounce back and perform better than the last time.

Under a great management and with a group of genuinely loyal players the relatively small Dutch club went into the finals of the UEFA Cup as well in 1981 and were the unlucky semi finalists in 2005. AZ FC won Dutch first division twice, once in 1981 and then again 2009 along with 2 runners up medals on separate occasions. KNVB Cup which is often referred to as the Dutch national cup was won by AZ FC on three separate occasions they finished up once on the losing side in the final. They have consistently been one of the top sides in the Netherlands and hence have constantly featured in either the UEFA Champions league or the UEFA Cup.

With an improving side, it is not far off when would see the AZ football club achieving many a great things in European and world football.

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