Performance record of Bayern Munich football club

by on March 9, 2011
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German football club Bayern Munich  Team Squad

Bayern Munich fc  of German football league has a reputation of being consistent which has proved beneficial for them as the club has achieved success in domestic cups but also won international trophies such as the UEFA Champions League title which itself speaks for the exceptional performance record of the team. ‘The Bavarians’ have a remarkable squad that has made it possible to win these trophies and the club has proved it’s mettle to the whole world and won against top class team such as Barcelona football club. Bayern Munich football club of German football league has a decorated trophy cabinet that is a source of pride for their fans.

Performance record of Bayern Munich football club (German football league)

1) German Champions Winner (22 times, record).

2) DFB-Pokal Winners (15 times, record).

3) DFB Liga-Pokal Winners (6 times, record).

4) DFB Supercup-Winners (4 times, record shared with two other clubs).

5) UEFA Champions League/European Cup Winners (4 times).

6) European Cup Winners Cup Winners.

7) UEFA Europa League/UEFA Cup Winners.

8) Intercontinental Cup Winners (2 times).

These remarkable achievements have made Bayern Munich football club the most successful German football club as they have won the most Championships and most Cups in Germany. The club has also won the UEFA Champions League three times in a row hence allowing them to wear the multiple- winner badge during Champions League matches.

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