Performance record of Fulham football club

epl; Fulham football club

Since its establishment, Fulham fc has reached new heights and never looked back. The club plays remarkable football, pleasing to the eye and has filled its trophy cabinet from time to time by lifting numerous trophies. The huge fan following of the club is an inspiration for the players who then perform well on the pitch and win crucial matches for their fans therefore Fulham fc is one big football family eager to win more titles and increase the pride of their club. The performance records of the club themselves show the success percentage of Fulham fc and outline the hard drill and commitment of the players and fans towards the club. Fulham football club has performed very well in history. This club has never been an easy target for other football clubs in English Premiere league.

Performance records:

1) Second Division/First Divison Champions (2 times).

2) Third Division/Second Division Champions (2 times).

3) Southern League First Division Champions (2 times).

4) Southern League Second Divison Champions (2 times).

5) Europa League Runners-up (2009-10).

6) Intertoto Cup Winners.

7) Middlesex Senior Cup Winners.

8 ) West London Cup Winners.

9) West London Observers Cup Winners.

10) London Challenge Cup Winners.

11) Malaysian Touring Cup Winners.

These prestigious achievements show the quality and talent present in the club which allows Fulham fc to succeed forward.

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