Performance record of Videoton football club

by on April 21, 2011
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Hungarian football club Videoton FC

In context of football clubs, Videoton FC is a relatively young club but it’s impact on the Hungarian football scene has been immense. Although they have been fighting relegation battle throughout it’s early period, it now seems to have steadied down and are constantly moving towards the up.

Videoton football club do not have many a trophies to justify their good run of form but their season in 1984 is widely remembered by the experts as one in which they startled the big boys in Europe by posing problems for them in the UEFA Cup. A super string of performances got them international attention when they got victories over the likes of PSG and Manchester United football club on their way to the final against Real Madrid FC. Although they won the away leg at Bernabeu but this wasn’t enough for them to lift the cup and put a fairy tale end to the dream.

Videoton FC have been runners up in the Hungarian league twice and have won a Hungarian Cup back in 2006. To their credit they have also won the Hungarian League Cup twice back to back in 2008 and 2009. The club consistently represents their country in the UEFA cup and is trying very hard to repeat history and perform exceptionally well at the European level once again.

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