Performance records of Blackburn Rovers football club

EPL: Blackburn Rovers football club

Since it’s establishment as a professional football club, Blackburn fc has enjoyed long periods of success and in early years the riversiders lifted many trophies that defined the quality and talent present in the club which had the potential to achieve success. The highly decorated trophy cabinet of the club also shows the excellent performance record of the club and is a source of pride for the fans; however in recent years Blackburn fc has been unable to surpass the form of their past and their lack of winning trophies is in some way demoralizing for the fans as the team has not lifted any major trophy for over 10 years. The club has a good squad and can create major upsets from time to time and produce good results. Blackburn’s performance record shows that the club can conquer everything if they commit themselves to the cause and if the current squad is allowed to improve a little then it can take on top-class teams and come out on top.


1) Premier league champions (2 times).

2) League division/Championship Winners.

3) League division 3/League one Champions.

4) FA Cup Winners (6 times).

5) League Cup Winners.

6) Full Members Cup Winners.

7) Charity Shield Winners.

8) Lancashire Senior Cup Winners (17 times). RECORD.

9) FA Youth Cup Winners.

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