Pre-analysis of English Premier League 2011-2012

Football league: English premier leagueWith just under a week to go till the start of the new Premier League season 2011-2012, things are looking to be as exciting as ever. Most football club teams are done with their summer shopping and some are still trying to find that one player that can take them to the next step. With the likes of Liverpool and Manchester United football clubs splashing the cash and adding a lot of new players to their team and with Manchester City now surely looking to challenge for the title with the acquisition of famous football player Sergio Aguero. While Chelsea’s new manager Andrea Villas Boas looks to bring the team back to competitive ways and Arsenal still trying to hold onto their two best football players. This season looks like the most interesting and open season yet. From the mid-table battles to the relegation dog fights at the bottom of the table and 4-5 teams possibly challenging for the title no one can really call what exactly is going to happen.

Manchester United have made some pretty decent signings and their squad is bigger which makes them favorites for the title. Arsenal football club have just added Ivorian Coast Winger Gervinho to their ranks and have still not brought any defensive replacements for that’s where their main weakness lies and with just over a week to go they will have to act fast. While Chelsea have also failed to bring any big name players in as of now, City have completed the signing of 36 million Sergio Ageuro that will take them to the next step and Kenny Daglish is going with Premier League Experienced Players to help Liverpool back into the Champions League by signing the likes of Downing, Adams and Henderson all English with good Premier League Experience.

All teams are shaping up nicely with just a week to go and this promises to be one of the best Premier League seasons in a long time.

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