Profile and Performance Record of Liverpool FC

Liverpool_FCLiverpool club is an English professional club for football. The club is based in Anfield, Liverpool and at present playing in Premier League. The club has competed in European competition every year from the season of 1999-2000. Liverpool FC was founded in the year 1892 and has played at Anfield since then. Now the club has plans to move from Anfield to a new stadium at Stanley Park. Liverpool FC has a joint-record of 18 league titles, seven FA Cups and seven League Cups. Liverpool FC is one of the successful and wealthiest clubs in the history of English football. The club has been supported by people from all over the world. Liverpool is the most successful English club as it had won five European Cups and three UEFA Cups.
Liverpool is one of the most valuable clubs in the world as per the statistics of 2010. Its position in the list of most valuable clubs is sixth. The Liverpool FC has a value of £532milllion which excludes debt.

Liverpool FC shares the record of having 18 English top-flight titles along with Manchester United. Liverpool FC holds the record of most victories by an English club in European Cup by winning it for five times. Ian Callaghan has the record of maximum number of club appearances in all competitions with 857 appearances between 1958 and 1978. The record goal scorer of the club is Ian Rush with 346 goals in his career in Liverpool. Most appearances in FA Cup are also in the name of Ian Callaghan with 79 appearances and most league appearances are also in the name of Callaghan with 640 appearances. Most European appearances are in the name of Jamie Carragher with 118 appearances. Most consecutive appearances for the club are by Phil Neal with 417 appearances.
Liverpool FC scored 106 league goals in 30 games during the season of 1895-96. The club has the record of highest attendance of 61,905 during the season of 1951-52. Highest league attendance of the club is 58,757 against Chelsea FC and highest league cup attendance is 50,880 which were against Nottingham Forest. Highest European attendance for the club is 55,104 against FC Barcelona.

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