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by on September 26, 2010
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Italian football club Athletic Bilbao ClubAthletic Bilbao or Athletic Club is a professional football club based on Bilbao in Spain. Athletic Bilbao won the La Liga for eight times and this club is one of the three clubs which never have been relegated from La Liga. Athletic Bilbao is also known as the Los Leones which means ‘the lions’. They are known by the name ‘the Lions’ because their stadium is built near the church called Saint Mammes or San Mames. Name of the Lions is not for no reason. It is known to the fans of  league football that Athletic Bilbao club always performs well against tough opponents. As a team, they fight hard to win. 

The San Mames Stadium is also known as the ‘the football cathedral’. The jersey of Athletic Bilbao is red and white stripes shirts and black shorts and socks. The official policy of the club is to sign professional native players of the greater Basque Country that includes Biscay, Navarre (Spain), Guipuzcoa, Alava, Labourd, Soule and Lower Navarre (France). Now-a-days the policy is relaxed and the players with or without direct Basque ancestry but played in Basque clubs can play for the club. The club received praises for its loyalty and promoting home grown players.


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