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by on April 17, 2011
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Football in germany : Energie-cottbus-Logo

FC Energie Cottbus often known as Cottbus Football club is a German club which is one of the very few clubs that emerged out of East Germany and played in the Bundesliga. The club was founded in 1963 and for the same reason is considered a very young club compared to the other teams who have been around for around a century or so. The club can trace it’s roots too a group of coal miners who founded a football club back in 1919.

Cottbus FC play their home games at Stadion der Freundschaft which is a decently sized but beautiful stadium with a capacity of around 23000 people. The games are played wearing a nice kit which is an amalgamation of red and white whereas the away kit is golden in color.

The club became the first side in the Bundesliga to field an all foreign team back in 2001 and in the same season they fielded their majority sides with around 9-10 foreign players. Up until the late 1990s the club played majority of it’s football in the lower divisions but it was an amazing run of form for them led by Vasile Miriuta whose subtle passes and precise midfield play ensured that the club received a promotion into the Bundesliga.

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