Quarterfinals of FIFA World Cup 2010

by on July 3, 2010


Awesome round of 16! Amazing performances! Few shocking results and finally 8 teams are in quarterfinals of FIFA World Cup 2010. Some teams made history by appearing in the top eight teams of the World Cup and few proved themselves as the strongest teams in this round. So far, except for Uruguay who made their first ever trip to get ahead that far – the first top 8 teams in the world – in 40 years, pretty much, the expected teams have made their way into the quarterfinals. The following teams are going to compete for semi-finals:


They won world cup in years 1930 and 1934. So another opportunity for them!


The team qualified for the first time for quarterfinal and is the only third African team to qualify for quarters.


Time to take revenge as Argentina lost to Germany in FIFA World Cup 2006. Argentina is in a run to win World Cup after 20 years.


The German team missed only one penalty out of a total of 18 penalty shots at the World Cup. Be scared Argentina!


Netherlands won only once against Brazil in their three meetings so far. Is Netherlands ready for a second win and level it up with Brazil?


The five times Champions are all set to claim the FIFA World Cup trophy for the sixth time.


Spain never won a quarterfinal match in their entire World Cup history. So a chance is here for them


Paraguay has been able to win only 2 games out of their 13 matches against European sides.

8 teams will battle in 4 matches of the quarterfinals. Here are the pairs:

• Uruguay vs. Ghana
• Argentina vs. Germany
• Netherlands vs. Brazil
• Paraguay vs. Spain

The situation is going to be ‘do-or-die’ for the conflicting teams in the epic 4 matches. Cheer your teams and pray for them as now is the time which is critical and eventful.



2 Responses to “Quarterfinals of FIFA World Cup 2010”
  1. fiza says:

    just feel sad reading this now 🙁 all my favs are out

  2. R3dian says:

    :'( looks like world cup is end now

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