Serie A 2010-2011: As it happened!

by on June 14, 2011
in Italian League

Football Italian serie a Serie A 2011 turned out to be a delightful watch this year for football fans, ending on a very high note for AC Milan fans and on a shocking one for others. Finishing with a tremendous 82 points, AC Milan football club topped the table with Internazionale and Napoli closely following its lead with 76 points and 70 points respectively.  7th May provided the breakthrough as a 0-0 draw with Roma proved sufficient for AC Milan to clench the title, a feat they accomplished for the first time in 7 years. AC Milan had not previously won a title after 2004, and this momentous victory not only consolidated their position within Italy’s football arena, it also came as a greatly saddening blow to their rivals Inter Milan: this title both broke Inter Milan’s five years winning streak and allowed AC Milan to climb up the honour ladder by tying with Inter Milan at 18 titles each. Both teams now trail behind Juventus that has to its honour a bolstering 27 titles.

One may ask, what happened to Jeventus this year?
Certainly not the most memorable year for them, as they finished at 7th place with a meager 58 points.
Antonio Cassano’s transfer turned out to be a huge advantage for AC Milan this year, as the 29 year old displayed consistency and class; his most memorable performance of the season remains his penalty kick against arch rivals Inter Milan, sealing the match 3-0 in the favour of AC Milan.
They have been titled the best team in Italy, but there is no stopping yet for AC Milan. The team wishes to be hailed as the best team in Europe, and while this year’s UEFA Championships worked in the favour of Barcelona, all is not lost for AC Milan. With a young manager, new players, and boosted confidence following the title fin, AC Milan is entirely capable of greater heights, and will definitely be a team to watch for in this coming year.

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