Soccer Gears

Zinedine Zidane

Soccer is a game that can be played with eleven members in a team. In a game of football, two teams compete with each other to score highest number of goals in order to win the game. There can be four defenders, four wingers, two strikers and one goal-keeper in a team. All of these guys need appropriate soccer gears to play a game of football on the grass turf. The soccer gears for a regular soccer player include soccer jerseys, shorts, socks, special soccer shoes and sheen guards. For a goal keeper, there is an additional accessory of hand glove is important. Let us discuss all these gears in detail.

Soccer shorts and jerseys are made from the special nylon material that can dry-out the sweat from the body and can give a comfortable feel to a player. There are various eminent brands that are producing such jerseys and shorts. The soccer shoes are special kind of shoes that should be flat on the sideways to kick the ball as well as they should be spike studded in the bottom to support the shoes while running on the grass turf. The socks should be comfortable and sheen guard can be worn under the socks and just above the shoes that can protect the leg from the spikes of other’s shoes.

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