South American football Championship: Format and rules of Copa America

by on July 4, 2011
in Copa America

Soccer Balls Copa America The Copa America football tournament includes 26 matches, divided as 18 group matches, 4 quarter finals, 2 semis, one finale and one for the third place. Twelve football teams are divided up in 3 pools or groups of 4 teams each namely A, B and C and the division is completely systematic based on FIFA world ranking.

There are two rounds or stages to be played in the event:

  1. Group stage
  2. Knock-Out stage

In group stages 3 points are allotted for a win, 1 for draw and none for lost. While in knock-out stage the match is decided by the penalty shoot out but this year the committee has decided to go on 30 minute extra time like any other football tournament.

The criteria at which any football team advance in quarter finals is composed of the following simple rules:

  • The team with the highest points, highest goal difference and with greatest number of goals will qualify for the quarter finals
  • Further if two teams rounded up at the same position then their gained points in all matches with goal difference and number of goals are compared and the organizing committee tells the final verdict. This is how 8 out of 12 teams pass for the Quarter finals.
South American football fans await this tournament every time it is scheduled.

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