Spain – Eager for Number 1

by on June 14, 2010
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Football_SpainSpain, being the current European champion of year 2008, has been positioned second on the FIFA rankings which clearly shows that Spain has the potential to claim the title this year. As per the qualification for FIFA World Cup, Spain has qualified for 12 times in this event. In 2008, Spain became the only team to be at the top of the FIFA World Ranking who has not won the World Cup title ever. Marvel it is for Spain!

A quick highlight for Spain would help in deciding their standing and expected performance in FIFA World Cup 2010. Here are the Spanish fixtures:

• The time span of 2007-2009 has been much about Spain as they remained undefeated in a row of 35 matches, which is a world record Spain shares with Brazil.
• Spain also managed to record 15 consecutive match wins during 2007-2009.
• Spain recorded the earning of 30 out of 30 points in the qualification season (2008-2009) of World Cup.
• David Villa, a player of the Spanish football team, has scored the most goals (13) in a year (season 2008 and 2009).

The performance of Spain has been outstanding in the past few years which has made them one of the favorite teams the FIFA 2010 World Cup. Spain is going to have a clear edge with the defender Lucio, goalkeeper Iker Casillas, midfielder Xavi Hernandez, forward David Villa and coach Vicente Del Bosque, who holds the record of the most consecutive 13 wins as a debut.

Spain seems to be a very strong side in FIFA World Cup 2010. Lets see how they play and what inputs are they going to deliver in order to get a hold of the trophy.

Stay tuned, señor, as much is going to take place in the next few weeks!

Spain football team has had a great run from 2010 to 2014, coming out winners in one world cup and 2 Euro cups.


5 Responses to “Spain – Eager for Number 1”
  1. Rabab Khan says:

    Aaah Spain! Their record is amazing and it really is a wonder that they haven’t won the cup yet. Football is not just a game for the Spanish and they spend most of their time (when not celebrating fiestas) in playing football.

    Good post, do keep us posted on how its going.

    • MairaS says:

      They are definitely in the league of becoming the champions. Finally they would be playing today. So lets see

  2. R3dian says:

    Spain have never looked better. They’ve been in top form. I don’t think anyone can match their ability this time. But then again…. its the world cup… Expect the unexpected. GO SPANIARDS

  3. Spain was totally outplayed by the Swiss and looked lost. Not sure how they won Euro..just a? badly over-rated team.

  4. Viva Espana!!!!! Spain is representing the Hispanic World from Europe, to Central America, South America and the former Spanish colonies like the Philippines. Spain will again have its glory – 2010 World Cup Champion!!!! Long live Spain!!!!!

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