Spain’s Primera Division (La Liga) Structure

la_liga_logoTop division of Spanish football is La Liga which consists of 20 top teams of Europe. All the 20 teams are fighting for La Liga Championship to become the best club in Spain. La Liga is ranked second among the best national leagues in the world. La Liga is considered as the Europe’s best league than any other league by UEFA. Barcelona and Real Madrid is dominating the league.

Real Madrid has an all-time record of 31 league titles followed by Barcelona with 19 league titles. La Liga is in eighth position among all the professional leagues in professional world of spots. La Liga is in third position among world football after Premier League and Bundesliga. The three lowest teams are relegated to the Segunda Division. The top teams in Segunda Division will replace the gap. Fifty nine teams have participated in La Liga from which nine of them are crowned as champions. The format of the competition is the double round-robin. The lasts from September to June and each club plays with the other club twice. Each club plays once at home and once in another place. Each club plays a total of 38 games. Ranking of the teams depend on the total points.

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