Spanish football league system

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We can also compare Spanish football league system with a football pyramid. At the top of this pyramid we have La Liga. Here given the Spanish football system structure:

• Main league of Spain is Liga BBVA. We can imagine this league as level-1 league. This league contains 20 teams. Every team play 38 matches. There is no promotion is this league. But last three team faces relegation. And last three teams get demotion to level two.

• Level-2 of this football system is Liga Adelante. This league contains 22 teams. First three teams get promotion to the Liga BBVA automatically. And the important matter is here is no play off system. Last four teams get demotion to the level three.

• Level-3 league is Segunda B. total 20 teams are playing this league. And first four teams get promotion to Liga Adelante automatically. And last four teams relegated to lower level league.

• Level-4 league is Tarcera Division. There are 19 teams in this league. And same promotion and relegation system.

Points to be noted: Teams play the “play off” matches only when the points of two or more teams are same.

Along with World Cup Football, English Premiere League and Spanish La Liga are the most viewed tournaments in football world.


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