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EPL: Sunderland_AFC

One of the oldest professional football club of English Football is known by the name of Sunderland AFC which was founded in 1879 by James Allan. Sunderland AFC is famous for their exceptional gameplay and ability to become a tough team to defeat for their opponents. The “BLACK CATS” as they are nicknamed have a tremendous following and host their opponents at “STADIUM OF LIGHT”, which is their home ground. The stadium has a capacity of withstanding over 42000 fabulous football fans. The club’s current manager is Steve Bruce who was appointed on 3rd June 2009 and is the man to blame for Sunderland’s vast good performances. Sunderland FC is currently situated in the top ten teams of English Premier League and is predicted to finish in top four by the end of the season. The club crest is divided into four quarters having three core colors black, white and red. In the centre of the crest there are those four quarters with two black lions on either side. The marvelous performance record also suggests regarding their potential to become number 1 and excel in everything.

Over the years, Sunderland FC as an individual club has improved alot and has been a tough competitor to beat for most of the English League clubs. The club has groomed exceptionally talented players and has a commendable performance record; one that includes many trophies being won.

Performance records:

I.            First Division winners [ 6 times]

II.            Level 2 Football league champions [2 times]

III.            Second Division winners of the season 1975-1976

IV.            Level 2 First Division winners [2 times]

V.            Level 3 Third Division winners of the season 1987-1988

VI.            2 times FA Cup winners

  1. Won  FA Charity Shields in 1936
  2. Won Sheriff of London Charity Shield in 1903

Along with this exceptional performance record Sunderland FC have scored record 109 goals in 1955-56 season and have conceded record number of fewest goals that refers to only 26 goals. These large sums of honors show the clubs wonderful success record and suggests how important Sunderland FC is for English Football.

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