Sunderland FC Top Five Players [2009-2011]

Darrent Bent of Sunderland FC

Sunderland FC has trained talented players and made them legends, the players who rank in top ten are well known for their ability to score, make a game play and disgrace their opponents by winning most of the games; therefore ensuring that the club is regarded as a fear-some, lethal and top-quality club to compete with. The players are exceptionally talented and skillful which they display on and off the pitch along with the fact that they are constantly improving and taking their game to the next level which are the core reasons for Sunderland FC success. Darren Bent, the striker of Sunderland FC, ranks number 1 with 34 goals in his last 57 appearances. Bent is highly famous for his remarkable scoring, spark and high determination levels. Bent is followed up by Asmoah Gyan, another new lethal, strong and top-quality striker signed up by Sunderland FC has scored 6 goals in his last 14 appearances. Third best player of Sunderland FC is none other than Michael Turner, a defender highly famous for his tackles, aerial and ground domination along with ability to frighten strikers.






These top five players of Sunderland FC have performed really well in the last few years and are considered as assets of this popular football club.

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