3 Most Memorable Football Scores in English Football History

Wayne Rooney

Football is a game filled with memories and cherished by millions of ardent fans from all over the world. From the day it was reintroduced onto the lands of England to date, there have been plenty of good memories in record, especially in terms of remarkable goals and scores. Among others, the top three would include the scores of;

• Newcastle United against Newport County,

• Stockport County against Halifax Town, and

• the Tran mere Rovers’ victory against Oldham Athletic

The first two above hold the same record jointly, although both took place at different times and era indeed. Newcastle United’s victory against Newport County came in at 13-0 on the 5th of October, 1946 within the Second Division match. Stockport County’s victory against Halifax Town on the other hand came in with the same victory of 13-0, but some twelve years before on 6th January 1934 within the then Third Division North. Tran mere Rovers’ victory against Oldham Athletic conversely set a record in the English football history for highest number of goals, amounting to a total of 17, with a respective score of 13-4 at the Oldham Athletic within the then Third Division North on 26 December 1935. These moments were very memorable in English football history.