Popular Football Formations

Football formations

Football or a game that is also known as soccer is very famous across the world and more than hundred countries play this game. The game of football is played between two teams with each player is having eleven players. Some players play the role of defenders, some plays as mid-fielder or winger and two or three of them plays as goal getter or striker whose responsibility is to score. This tactic of arranging players in a ground is known as a formation. Let us look at some of the very popular football formations that are used in the modern day games.

The most common football formation is 4-4-2 formation in which four players play as defender, four players play as mid-fielder or winger and other two of them play forward as a striker and eleventh player is a goal-keeper.

Another common formation is 4-5-1 formation in which, four player plays as defender, five players play as winger and one plays forward to score the goal.

Third football formation type is 4-3-3 combination in which three players play forward game as scorer, three plays play to pass the ball as winger and four players make a defending wall at the back-court.

Another football formation of 4-3-1-2 is also known as diamond formation. In this style of formation, four players defend the opposite scorers; three of them play as wingers, one of them plays between wingers and strikers to create opportunities and two of them plays forward to convert the opportunities in to goals.

Tackling in Soccer

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Soccer is a game of skills which includes tackling, dribbling, passing and shooting a ball to the goal post in order to score maximum number of goals to win a game. Soccer is a game that is competed between two teams in order to score maximum number of goals. In order to become a part of soccer team, a player needs to have all the above skills. Let us discuss the skill of tackling in football. Art of tackling is very important for the players who are defenders and attackers.

To tackle the ball means, taking the ball from the control of opposition. This is a very tough skill as it requires a real hard-work and strategy. Because, the ball is currently with the opposition, you need to block a player from all the sides for not allowing him to pass the ball to the teammate and after blocking it; you can take the ball away from him. According to the today’s game, where ball possession is very important, tackling has become main weapon for all the teams. Basically, there are three different types of tackle in the soccer these days. Sliding table, the pocking tackle and the block tackle. Use of a particular tackle depends on the situation of the ball.

Football is a game of sheer skill and physical fitness to become a champion player of the game. The football skills include dribbling, passing, tackling as well as shooting the ball into the goal post to score the maximum number of goals. There are certain players who have gain expertise in all these skills and have become masters of the game. The art of tackling the football is necessary for all the players, whether attackers or defenders. Let us today, look at the best football tacklers from 2005-10 who have gain class in tackling the football.

1. John Terry: The name is very famous amongst the best defenders and this defender has gained his skill of defense by mastering the skill of tackling. He can tackle the ball at footballs’ very best.

2. Ronaldinho: This Brazilian has gained the mastery in all the skills of football which includes tackling. This man has master the skill with different types of tackling which also includes blocking the ball.

3. Fabio Cannavaro: This Italian captain has also mastered the skill of tackling the ball. Being a defender at the Italian team, he has always helped the team to stop the opposition players from scoring the goals and blocking the balls coming to the goal post.

3 Benefits to Joining College Football teams

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Three Basic Differences between Football in England and America

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There are various types of football games in this world, the two distinct and most famous being the American football and the English football. There are relatively no contacts in history in terms of both football types, although most believe that the American football came from England or some other nation long time ago. The three most basic differences between the two would be as below.

English football or soccer is played around the world, almost in every single continent; whereas American football is only famous in North America and remains largely unpopular even in Canada, despite Canada being a Commonwealth country as well. The rationale is due to England’s occupation of other nations in the past, some claim.

Football in England has been international for more than a century. In light of that, tournaments are held between nations, two of the most famous being the World Cup and the Olympics. In England, the country itself is a participant in these tournaments, whereas in the America, there is no potential competitor in football for US, except for maybe Canada in the inter-continental tournament.

Football in England is of the lesser extent in terms of hardcore playing. The rules ensure fair play without violence or even extreme use of force; whereas in America, football is played quite violently with players even wearing full facial protection.

Three Most Important Dates for Arkansas Football

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arkansas-razorbacks-soccerballArkansas is one of the most famous states in America when it comes to football, and among the very first Arkansas football teams was the Arkansas Cardinal, a few decades before other famous college sport teams came up from the same Arkansas University. From that very establishment to date, there have been many milestones in Arkansas football history, the three most important being: Read more..