Performance record and best football players of Cottbus football club

by on April 17, 2011
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German football: Cottbus football club

Cottbus football club is a young football club and although has quickly raised through the ranks and played in the Bundesliga with the big boys but have yet to win any honors which are worth a mention.

The Cottbus football club has only won the German under 17 youth championship back in 2004 otherwise the senior team is most of the times struggling to maintain a spot in the Bundesliga. On a number of occasions Cottbus FC have been found battling relegation and have been demoted regularly from where they seem to bounce back often only for short stints though.

Although, they were playing third division football not so long ago, it was a group of hardworking footballers that really led from the front and helped the club in tasting some national level football. One such player that holds a special place in the Cottbus club’s history is Vasile Miriuta who stayed with the club between1998-2002 and helped the club in achieving promotion to the top tier football league. There are a few other players that have played an important role in the clubs history and that are Tomislav Piplica, Antun Laback and Marco Kurth, just to name a few big names.