Dribbling in Soccer

Andres Iniesta

Soccer is a team game which is number one sport in the world played in almost all the countries of this world in which football is played by the foots of the players who are playing this. There are two teams of eleven individuals who contests in the game of Soccer to win the battle by scoring maximum numbers of goals between two sides. One of the basic and best techniques of playing football is dribbling, which is an ability of a player to carry the ball past the opponent side player by simply tapping the ball with the foot or launching it into the air towards the opposition field. It is an art of football that should be learn by all the players including goal-keepers with some level of competency.

Dribbling is a very important part of playing football and a player with the strong dribbling capabilities can play in the forward or center arena of the football ground as a main striker. The fundamentals of dribbling say that a player should use both their feet to dribble and should dribble with small taps to have control over the ball entirely. This can help to an incoming defender that wants to steal a ball from a player.

The game of football is a team game, played with eleven players, some of them play the role of defenders, some plays the roles of mid-fielders and one or two players play the role of strikers or goal getters. But, a common thing in all these players is dribbling. It is very important for each and every football player including goal-keeper to learn the techniques of dribbling. Let us look at some of the best football dribblers from 2005-10.

The top amongst the list is “World Soccer Player of the year 2009”, Lionel Messi. This Argentine has a special gift of dribbling who can quickly change the direction and pace of the ball with his quick footwork and height.

The Second in this list is Ronaldinho. A striker of a Brazil national team has real skills of moving the ball quickly along the turf with his proven dribbling skills. It has helped him to be a main striker of Brazil.

Christiano Ronaldo of Portugal is no less than his South American counterparts who can roll the ball with himself with both the feet can take the ball from one end to the other in one motion.

Another Brazilian Robinho is forth amongst the list of best dribblers with his image as king of step-overs.

Another Argentine Juan-Roman-Requeleme is also in the list of best football dribblers with his control over football in his play.