History of Liverpool FC

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Top 3 Milestones of Everton


Everton may not be as famous as Chelsea club or as widespread as Manchester United, but it’s a thoroughbred English football with a wonderful history behind nonetheless. From the day it was founded in 1878, it has always been a rivalry to Liverpool (then Merseyside derby), and has a lot to tell.

Three of the most important milestones in Everton’s history would unquestionably include;

• the victory in the FA Cup in 1905-06,

• the record for most league goals in a single season during the late 1920s; and

• its first and only European trophy in the European Winners’ Cup in 1984-85

As a matter of fact, Everton is among the very few clubs to have won the FA Cup during infancy stage then. Although they had won the League Championship almost a decade and a half before, there were no fulsome records in the middle, perhaps until the said victory in the FA Cup in 1905-06. Twenty years later, Everton made a record of scoring the most goals in a single season; specifically 60 goals in 39 matches, a record that still holds to date. The victory at the European Winners’ Cup was also significant to the club, for it’s the only European Cup they have won to date; being their first as well.