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Profile: Famous football player of German footballclub VFL Wolfsburg: Diego Ribas

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Top ten football players of Borussia Monchengladbach football club

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Marco-Reus football player of Borussia Monchengladbach football club

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Football club profile: Borussia Monchengladbach FC

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Performance record of Eintracht Frankfurt football club

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Eintracht-Frankfurt football club

Eintracht Frankfurt football club is ranked amongst the top 5 clubs of Germany. Eintracht plays in the German Top-Division “Bundesliga” and more often regarded as the mid-table league team. The club has successfully participated in Bundesliga football for thirty three years and their best ever performance came in 1991/92 season when they finished just two points back to champion VFB Stuttgart football club. The club is successfully performing in the Bundesliga top-flight since 1963, relegated to Second-Division only on few occasions.

Eintracht Frankfurt football club has also enjoyed much of its success in competitions outside the Bundesliga. In 1967 they won their first international trophy “UEFA Intertoto Cup”, beating Inter Bratislava football club in the finals. The same year they also won the “Coppa delle Alpi” title. The club has also won the UEFA Cup title in 1980, beating Borussia Monchengladbach football club in the finals.

The titles and honours achieved by the Eintracht Frankfurt in the past years are:



  • UEFA Cup
    • Winners: 1980
  • UEFA Intertoto Cup
    • Winners: 1967
  • European Cup
    • Runners-up: 1960
  • Coppa delle Alpi
    • Winners : 1967
  • Antalya Cup
    • Winners : 2011


  • German Championship (pre-Bundesliga)
    • Champions: 1959
    • Runners-up: 1932
  • DFB-Pokal
    • Winners: 1974, 1975, 1981, 1988
    • Runners-up: 1964, 2006
  • 2nd Bundesliga
    • Winners: 1997–98
  • Fuji-Cup
    • Winners: 1992
    • Runners-up: 1994


  • Southern German championship
    • Champions: 1929–30, 1931–32, 1952–53, 1958–59
    • Runners-up: 1912-13+, 1913-14+, 1930–31, 1953–54, 1960–61, 1961–62
  • Nordkreis-Liga
    • Champions: 1911-12+, 1912-13+, 1913-14+

(+ as Frankfurter FV)

  • Kreisliga Nordmain
    • Winners: 1919-20+, 1920–21
    • Runners-up: 1921–22
  • Bezirksliga Main-Hessen:
    • Winners: 1927–28, 1928–29, 1929–30, 1930–31, 1931–32
    • Runners-up: 1932–33
  • Gauliga Südwest/Mainhessen:
    • Winners: 1937–38
    • Runners-up: 1936–37
  • Hesse Cup
    • Winners: 1946, 1969

Performance record of Hamburg football club

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German football club Hamburg FC

One of the best football clubs that have come out of Germany, the Hamburg Football Club has a history and tradition that truly gives it a royalty status. Apart from being the only team to have not been relegated from top flight football in Germany, Hamburg FC has been featuring in tournaments all across the world bagging a number of trophies and constantly playing good aggressive football in Europe.

The club won the UEFA Champions League (European Cup formerly) in 1983 and were the runners up back in the 1980 edition.  Hamburg FC have won the European Cup Winners Cup once and stood at the runners up podium as well. Having won the inter toto cup twice, Hamburg FC has also been a runner up once in the UEFA Cup.

At the national level, Hamburg FC’s record is a treat to take a look at. They have been the champions of Germany a total of 5 times with victories in the Bundesliga thrice. On eight separate occasions they have been the runners up as well along with some exceptional performances in the German Cup where they have won the trophy three times along with three campaigns in which they were the runners up.

Profile: Hamburg football club

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German football club Hamburg SV

Founded in 1887, Hamburg SV football club is a multi sport club based out of Hamburg, Germany like a lot of other clubs and has its football department famous all across the globe because of its consistency over the years.

The only German club not to have been relegated from the top flight German football ever since world war 1, Hamburg FC is the only club to have played in every single edition of the Bundesliga ever since it’s beginning back in 1963. The team play their home games at the Imtech arena which has a capacity exceeding 57,000. On the pitch the Hamburg FC players are seen in a red & white kit and the away games usually see them wearing a blue& white kit.

Often referred to as “Red Shirts” because of the color of their Kit, Hamburg FC currently have a care taking administration with its chairman and manager both working in the capacity of care takers. The club is known to have a diehard fan base who have been supporting the club for generations and continue to do so. Hence a lot of the clubs outside Europe and from within Germany often find playing at the Imtech Arena slightly intimidating.

Profile: VFL Wolfsburg football club

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German football club VFL Wolfsburg

Vfl Wolfsburg football club is a German division one football club. The club formed in 1945 started out as just a healthy sporting activity for the famous German automakers, Volkswagen. The club was first named as BSG Volkswagenwerk Stadt des KdF-Wage, it later changed its name to VSK Wolfsburg. The present name Vfl Wolfsburg FC was adopted under strange circumstances when the players decided to join the rivals 1 FC Wolfsburg except Josef Meyer who together with Willi Hibert laid the foundations of present day Wolfsburg. In 1946 the team was officially sponsored by Volkswagen.

The club official kit is traditionally white and green. The colors were selected when the local trainer decided to use the green shirts with white shorts sewed from bed sheets donated by the club. Wolfsburg or simply Wolves play their home games at Volkswagen-Arena with the capacity of 30,000.

The club won its only league title on the last day of 2008 – 2009 season when they beat Werder Bermen 5-1. The club finished with 69 points, 2 ahead of German giants Bayern Munich FC. This title winning Wolfsburg team was full of talent with the likes of Grafite and Edin Dzeko under the watchful eyes of Felix Magath. This German club has huge fan following.

Performance record of Mainz 05 football club

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Peformance record of German football club Mainz 05

FSV Mainz 05 Football Club have never been a club that you would associate a lot of trophies with. The fact is that with it’s long history it has never been able to draw in big money and eventually big named players which would have helped them win trophies.

Mainz 05 FC have been constantly struggling to make a mark for themselves in German football and have not been present consistently in the top flight German Bundesliga. Apart from winning the ‘South West Cup’, a trophy in which the reserve players take part, eight times, Mainz 05 FC do not have any notable achievements to write home about.

The most important achievement for the club is that in the recent years even though have faced relegation from the top flight division regularly, they have often bounced backed and are trying to draw in investors who could change the fate of this club by investing big money in the infrastructure and players.

Mainz 05 Football club have however had a good start to the 21st century not only because they have been constantly playing with the big boys but also because in the German national cup called DFB-Pokal they finished as semi finalists in 2009. More so, in 2005, due to their fair play they won a ticket to play in the UEFA Cup. With the club still struggling on many fronts, it’s fans and hard working players are trying to make sure that the club works towards populating it’s trophy cabinet soon.

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