French Football League: Ligue 1


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German Football League (BUNDESLIGA)

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Over view of Europa league 2013-14

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Overview of German league 2013-14 season

Overview of German league 2013-14 season

The 2013–14 Bundesliga was 51st season of the Bundesliga, Germany’s leading football league. The season started on 9 August 2013 plus the final match day was on 10th May 2014. The winter break began on 23rd December 2013 plus ended on 24 January 2014. Bayern Munich was the defending champs. Bayern authoritatively clinched the competition on 25 March 2014 afterward defeating Hertha BSC, on 27th match day of the season. This breaks their preceding record from previous season, wherever Bayern settled the Bundesliga on match day 28.

A whole of 18 teams were contesting the league, counting 15 edges from the 2012–13 season plus two sides promoted straight from the2012–13 2. Fortuna Düsseldorf plus Greuther Fürth were referred from the Bundesliga afterward a single season plus were substituted by Hertha Berlin, 2. Bundesliga champs and second place Eintracht Braunschweig. Hertha made an instant return to the topmost level, but Eintracht prepared their first arrival after 28 years in second and third levels. The final contestant was determined in the two-legged contest, in which 16th positioned Bundesliga sideways TSG 1899 Hoffenheim beaten 1.

Afterward the first round of games, Hertha BSC was in first position and Eintracht Frankfurt was in the 18th place. Afterward 17 rounds, the season extended its halfway mark. Bayern Munich was in first place seven points in front of second place Bayer Leverkusen.  FC Nürnberg plus Eintracht Braunschweig were in the involuntary relegation spots with 11 points respectively. Bayern Munich settled their 24th contest afterward the 27th round of matches while they led second position Borussia Dortmund through 25 points. The final games of the season were played on 10th May 2014 A 1–4 loss to Schalke 04 established relegation for Nürnberg on final day of the season.  Eintracht Braunschweig was relegated afterward a 1–3 defeat to 1899 Hoffenheim on final day. In spite of losing 2–3 to FSV Mainz 05 on final day, Hamburger SV still have a chance of residual in the Bundesliga while they face SpVgg Greuther Fürth in the downgrade play-offs. 

Mainz would be competing in 2014–15 UEFA Europa League 3rd qualifying round because of their win over Hamburg. Bundesliga champs Bayern Munich, second place Borussia Dortmund, plus third placed Schalke 04 would all enter the 2014–15 UEFA Champions’ League group phase. Bayer Leverksuen, who completed in fourth place, would enter the 2014–15 UEFA Champs League play-offs round.

The first leg of the downgrade play-offs among 16th placed Hamburg plus Greuther Fürth whoever placed 3rd in the 2. Bundesliga was played on 15th May. It completed as a goalless draw. The 2nd leg was played on 18 May. Greuther Fürth presented Hamburg in the 2nd leg of the game. Pierre-Michel Lasogga recorded the first goal of the game to give Hamburg a 1–0 lead. Stephan Fürstner recorded for Fürth to create the score 1–1. The collective score over the 2 legs was 1–1. Hamburg continued in the Bundesliga because of the away goals regulation.

English Premier League – Domestic Cups

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League Cup, English, Domestic Cup

English Premier League has two domestic cups namely FA Cup and League Cup. FA Cup or the Football Association Challenge Cup is a ‘knockout’ competition in English football. This cup is named and organized by The Football Association. At present the cup known in the sponsored name i.e. FA Cup Sponsored by E.ON. FA Cup is world’s oldest association football competition. Read more..

English Premier League – Structure

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History of Arsenal Club

english premier league arsenal football club

Arsenal Football Club

Arsenal was founded in the year 1886 and it became the first club to join the Football League from south of England in the year 1893. The club was started by workers of Dial Square at Royal Arsenal and named as Royal Arsenal. In the year 1891 the club was again renamed as Woolwich Arsenal after becoming a professional team. Even though they had won two league titles in1923-24 and 1924-25, the first golden era of the club started after Herbert Chapman was appointed as the manager in the year 1925. Read more..

English Premier League Statistics

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English football league system

David Beckham

We can compare English football league with a football pyramid. And every domestic leagues of England are interconnected with each other. And total system is about Relegation and promotion. English football league system contains more than 7000 clubs, 480 divisions and more than 140 leagues.
What is relegation and promotion?

Top three teams of a league get promotion to the upper level. And bottom three get demotions to the lower level.

Here given the structure of English league system:

• The top of the English league system is English Premier League. We can also call this Level-1 of the football pyramid. This league contains 20 clubs. No promotion system. Bottom 3 teams relegated to The Football league.

• Next level of premier league is The Football League (Level-2). This league contains 24 clubs. Top two teams get promotion to Premier League automatically. And next four competes with each other. And among them one team get promotion to the premier league. And bottom three get demotions to the Football League One.

• Level-2 league is Football League One and Level-4 is Football League Two. Both leagues contain 24 clubs. And the promotion and relegation system is same as previous.

English football league is undoubtedly world’s most popular football tournament in the world.

5 Most Famous Football Leagues in the World

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Football league: English premier leagueFootball leagues are all around the world, taking turns to rule the modern media over a specified period of seasons; but sometimes, too many versions of the same may tend to be really confusing for the newbies. Among the most famous football leagues around the world would include the English Premier League, the UEFA Champions League, the American National Football League, the Spanish La Liga, and the Italian Football league (divided into Lega Calcio and Lega Pro). Read more..