Overview of German league 2013-14 season

Overview of German league 2013-14 season

The 2013–14 Bundesliga was 51st season of the Bundesliga, Germany’s leading football league. The season started on 9 August 2013 plus the final match day was on 10th May 2014. The winter break began on 23rd December 2013 plus ended on 24 January 2014. Bayern Munich was the defending champs. Bayern authoritatively clinched the competition on 25 March 2014 afterward defeating Hertha BSC, on 27th match day of the season. This breaks their preceding record from previous season, wherever Bayern settled the Bundesliga on match day 28.

A whole of 18 teams were contesting the league, counting 15 edges from the 2012–13 season plus two sides promoted straight from the2012–13 2. Fortuna Düsseldorf plus Greuther Fürth were referred from the Bundesliga afterward a single season plus were substituted by Hertha Berlin, 2. Bundesliga champs and second place Eintracht Braunschweig. Hertha made an instant return to the topmost level, but Eintracht prepared their first arrival after 28 years in second and third levels. The final contestant was determined in the two-legged contest, in which 16th positioned Bundesliga sideways TSG 1899 Hoffenheim beaten 1.

Afterward the first round of games, Hertha BSC was in first position and Eintracht Frankfurt was in the 18th place. Afterward 17 rounds, the season extended its halfway mark. Bayern Munich was in first place seven points in front of second place Bayer Leverkusen.  FC Nürnberg plus Eintracht Braunschweig were in the involuntary relegation spots with 11 points respectively. Bayern Munich settled their 24th contest afterward the 27th round of matches while they led second position Borussia Dortmund through 25 points. The final games of the season were played on 10th May 2014 A 1–4 loss to Schalke 04 established relegation for Nürnberg on final day of the season.  Eintracht Braunschweig was relegated afterward a 1–3 defeat to 1899 Hoffenheim on final day. In spite of losing 2–3 to FSV Mainz 05 on final day, Hamburger SV still have a chance of residual in the Bundesliga while they face SpVgg Greuther Fürth in the downgrade play-offs. 

Mainz would be competing in 2014–15 UEFA Europa League 3rd qualifying round because of their win over Hamburg. Bundesliga champs Bayern Munich, second place Borussia Dortmund, plus third placed Schalke 04 would all enter the 2014–15 UEFA Champions’ League group phase. Bayer Leverksuen, who completed in fourth place, would enter the 2014–15 UEFA Champs League play-offs round.

The first leg of the downgrade play-offs among 16th placed Hamburg plus Greuther Fürth whoever placed 3rd in the 2. Bundesliga was played on 15th May. It completed as a goalless draw. The 2nd leg was played on 18 May. Greuther Fürth presented Hamburg in the 2nd leg of the game. Pierre-Michel Lasogga recorded the first goal of the game to give Hamburg a 1–0 lead. Stephan Fürstner recorded for Fürth to create the score 1–1. The collective score over the 2 legs was 1–1. Hamburg continued in the Bundesliga because of the away goals regulation.

Performance record and best football players of Karlsruher SC football club

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German football: Karlsruher SC football club

Ever since Karlsruher SC football club was formed, it relied heavily on one thing and that was passion. It is the same love and passion for the game that has taken the club to levels which make them a respectable name not only in German but European football.

Under their previous name of Phoenix Karlsruhe, the club won it’s first and only German championship in 1909. They also have had the honor of winning the German Cup back to back in 1955 and 1956. They did not prove to be lucky at two different occasions where by they made it to the final of the German Cup but ended up on the losing side in 1960 and 1996. Success at the European level came when Karlsruher SC football club won the inter toto cup in 1996 and had also had the opportunity to play in the Semifinal of the UEFA Cup in 1994. They have also been a part of the UEFA on two other occasions as well but ended up crashing out in the third rounds of the tournament.

All this success for this 2nd division club would not have been possible without some inspirational players that really helped in lifting the façade of the team and taking it to the next level. A few notable names that deserve a mention here would have to be, Adrian Knup, Mehmet Scholl, Andre Cristea, David Regis and Oliver Kreuzer.

Profile of VFL Bochum football club

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Football in Germany: Bochum football club

VFL Bochum football club that plays second division football in Germany. Initially formed under the name of Turnverein Zu Bochum in 1848, it is one of the oldest clubs in the Europe. They play their home games in a kit which is a mixture of light and dark blue. The away kits are interesting in color which are often either a dull brown or muddy color or a very light green color.

VFL Bochum FC plays it’s home games at the rewirpower-stadion which has a capacity closing down on 30000. When the Bundesliga was first introduced in 1963, VFL Bochum were positioned in the third division from where they had to work really hard to reach the top flight and it wasn’t until 1971 that they got their first chance to play with the big boys of German Football.

The club has a few very interesting things that are off note; for example VFL Bochum FC has never assigned a number 12 jersey to any player simply because it is in honor of it’s fans whom the club considers as the 12th player. The club also was the first ever German club who traveled to Israel to play in 1955 and it’s unofficial anthem was written by a well known German musician called Herbert Gronemeyer which is sung at the start of every home game.

Performance record and best football players of Hertha BSC football club

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Hertha BSC is a club not only with a rich and colorful history but also has a number of accolades to justify them. Having had a roller coaster ride up until the early 1990s, it wasn’t until a large sum of money was invested in the youth team, that the club truly showed some exciting potential not only in Germany but in European competitions as well.

Prior to the Bundesliga, Hertha BSC Football Club was a phenomenal side which had a strong presence in every national competition and although they played the final of the German league for 6 consecutive years they only ended up winning the trophy twice in 1930 and 1931.To the club’s credit, they have also won the German second division competition once back in 1990 and have dozens of other regional trophies as well. The club have stood runners-up in the DFB-Pokal (German national cup) thrice but have never had a chance to lift the beautiful trophy. Hertha BSC have also been the winners of the European Inter-toto Cup 4 times which is also a great achievement.

All this success would never have been possible without a group of extraordinary players that played for the club through out it’s history. Pal Dardai is one such name and a player who has served the club for over a decade now with most caps for any player for them. He has played in a number of positions for Hertha BSC but has mainly played as a defensive midfielder. Michael Preetz represented this incredible German club for over 7 years in which he scored prolifically in which he scored a total of 93 goals. Other notable names who have played for Hertha BSC FC would have to include Dick Van Burik, Christian Fielder, Arne Friedrich and the list goes on and on.

One thing is for sure, that with the investment being put into the club to secure excellent talent, the day is not far when Hertha BSC fc would be rubbing shoulders right next to European giants like Bayern Munich FC, Manchester United and Barcelona football club.

Hertha BSC football club profile

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Football in Germany: Hertha BSC football club profile

Based in Berlin Germany, Hertha BSC football club is one of the founding members of the German Football Association. The club was formed in 1892 in Leipzig and has a rich history to itself.

The club currently play in the German second division and have historically been known for performing really well through out their time on the pitch. They play their home games at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin which has a capacity or around 75000 people. The home kits for Hertha BSC FC are white and blue and the away kits are normally red and black in color. They happen to be one of the first teams to have beaten Southend United FC from England in 1910, in an era when the English clubs dominated the world of football.

Time and again the club felt the heat of poor financial situations and was at times not in the position to buy the sort of talent that would take them really to the top. Although they were one of the first sides to have played in the inaugural Bundesliga in 1963 and performed relatively well, they were demoted for the next season because they were found guilty of bribing the players to play for them. In recent times Hertha BSC FC have been regulars in the Bundesliga and have also managed to play not only in the UEFA Cup but also in the UEFA Champions league, which without a doubt is one of the biggest achievements for any club.

Performance record of Hannover 96 football club

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German football club: Hannover 96 football club

A club with over 100 years in existence, Hannover 96 football club is a well established name in German football. However, with regular financial woes coming back to haunt them, the club does not have a lot of trophies on display in the cabinet.

The club has never featured regularly in top flight football and has been relegated a handful of times into 2nd and times even 3rd division. Hannover 96 FC have only managed a top 10 finish in the German Bundesliga once when they ended up 8th in 2007-08 season.

Prior to the start of the Bundesliga, Hannover 96 football club won their first German club nation championship in 1938 and repeated the feat again 1954. Although they have managed to win a few trophies of lower stature through out their history but their most defining and memorable moment would have to be the German Cup that they won in 1992.  During this cup they developed a reputation of giant killers when they brought down clubs who were then playing top flight football. Hannover 96 FC turned out to be the first lower division side to lift the coveted trophy.

More trophies are promised with the club’s owners investing not only in new talent but drawing in good names in management to help them in achieving their first German Bundesliga title.

Top ten players of Bayer Leverkusen football club

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Juan-Arango  of Bayer Leverkusen football club Read more..

Performance record and best football players of Cottbus football club

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German football: Cottbus football club

Cottbus football club is a young football club and although has quickly raised through the ranks and played in the Bundesliga with the big boys but have yet to win any honors which are worth a mention.

The Cottbus football club has only won the German under 17 youth championship back in 2004 otherwise the senior team is most of the times struggling to maintain a spot in the Bundesliga. On a number of occasions Cottbus FC have been found battling relegation and have been demoted regularly from where they seem to bounce back often only for short stints though.

Although, they were playing third division football not so long ago, it was a group of hardworking footballers that really led from the front and helped the club in tasting some national level football. One such player that holds a special place in the Cottbus club’s history is Vasile Miriuta who stayed with the club between1998-2002 and helped the club in achieving promotion to the top tier football league. There are a few other players that have played an important role in the clubs history and that are Tomislav Piplica, Antun Laback and Marco Kurth, just to name a few big names.