Profile of Energie Cottbus football club

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Football in germany : Energie-cottbus-Logo

FC Energie Cottbus often known as Cottbus Football club is a German club which is one of the very few clubs that emerged out of East Germany and played in the Bundesliga. The club was founded in 1963 and for the same reason is considered a very young club compared to the other teams who have been around for around a century or so. The club can trace it’s roots too a group of coal miners who founded a football club back in 1919.

Cottbus FC play their home games at Stadion der Freundschaft which is a decently sized but beautiful stadium with a capacity of around 23000 people. The games are played wearing a nice kit which is an amalgamation of red and white whereas the away kit is golden in color.

The club became the first side in the Bundesliga to field an all foreign team back in 2001 and in the same season they fielded their majority sides with around 9-10 foreign players. Up until the late 1990s the club played majority of it’s football in the lower divisions but it was an amazing run of form for them led by Vasile Miriuta whose subtle passes and precise midfield play ensured that the club received a promotion into the Bundesliga.

Performance record and best football players of Arminia Belifield football club

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Arminia Belifield football club

In over a 100 years since Arminia Belifield football club have been playing football, they have generally struggled to make a mark as a top club in the German national football and have not managed trophies which are of a national level.

The club has won 3 second division league titles and have stood runners up the same number of times. Arminia Belifield FC holds the record for being promoted into the top flight German Bundesliga 7 times but on the downside they have been relegated very often which makes them a sort of a joke amongst the experts and other teams. They have to their credit a handful of regional trophies with 2 western German Cups as well.

Over the years although success has been hard to come by for Arminia Belifield FC, they have had a number of players that would remembered for their hard work and courage plus a pleasant brand of football that they have often been associated with. Ulrich Stein started his career with the club back in 1978 and though he only spent around 4 years with the club altogether in short stints, he still had a big impact on them. Thomas Stratos is another player who spent around 8 years altogether with the club and has been a faithful servant for them.

The current squad for Arminia Belifield FC holds some promising talent which is under the radar of big European clubs but they all have something refreshing to offer for the clubs prospects in achieving their rightful place in top flight football.

Performance record of Borussia Dortmund football

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Performance record of Borussia Dortmund football

Borussia Dortmund Football club has evolved over the years as a power house of German football and even with regular financial scares, the club has shown resiliency and has constantly won silver wear for it’s die hard fans.

After securing their first national title back in 1956 with a victory against Karlsruher FC 4-2, the club has never looked back.Over the years, apart from winning 6 German Bundesliga titles, Borussia Dortmund FC was the first German club to make a mark for itself in Europe by winning the UEFA cup in 1966 and eventually winning the UEFA Champions league in 1997.To their credit, Borussia Dortmund have also got two German Cups in their trophy cabinet which only testifies the consistency with which this club has matured with time.

Borussia Dortmund FC are also known to have developed intense football rivalry between them and Schalke 04 football club, who were the most successful side post world war 2 era. Even though they lost to Juventus FC in the 1993 UEFA Cup final, the money that resulted was used to sign some exceptional talent that eventually resulted in back to back Bundesliga titles in 1995 and 1996 under the inspirational play maker Matthias Sammer. With time moving on and more and more money being poured into the game, it is only a matter of time when Borussia Dortmund FC rise to the status of European champions as the side definitely possesses some great talent on display.

Profile of Borussia Dortmund football club

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German football club borussia_dortmund

Founded on the 19th of December 1909 by a group of young men Borussia Dortmund football club is one of the most successful clubs that have come out Germany. Playing in their usual yellow and black stripe uniforms, this famous European club brings an aggressive style to the football pitch, every time they play.

The name of the club is inspired by a near by brewery where the group of men actually played. The start was not something to write home about and in 1929 the club almost went into bankruptcy had it not been for a generous local businessman who helped the club during these tough times. The reason for the tough financial times was the fact that the club decided to bring in professional players on wages which led them to debts.

The Borrusia Dortmund FC first entered the German Bundesliga in 1963 and thanks to Friedhelm Konietzka, Borussia Dortmund football club scored their first goal at the highest level. Having enjoyed a golden age in the 1990s the club became the first side in Germany to be trading in the stock market. After facing the financial crunch again in 2005 ,the players got a 20% salary cut and Borussia Dortmund football club is now playing on a leased stadium. However with all the hardships and difficulties through out, the club still has passionate followers and a good management which is helping the club to enjoy a good name within Europe.

Performance record of Schalke 04 football club

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Performance record of Schalke 04 football club

The Schalke 04 football club is flying high as they recently defeated Spanish football club, Valencia football club to register a place in the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League and this highlights the amount of success the club are achieving at the moment. Schalke fc has a very rich history filled with trophies from almost every competition in the football world and this commendable feat has been achieved only due to the exceptional squad consisting of remarkable players. The club’s trophy cabinet is a source of pride for their ever increasing number of fans and keeping in view the current form of the Schale 04 football club, it looks like more trophies are bound to come as the team looks eager to lift a major trophy since their barren spell from 2005.

Performance record of Schalke 04 football club of German football league:

1) German Championship Winners (7 times).

2) DFB-Pokal Winners (4 times).

3) Ligapokal Winners.

4) UEFA Cup Winners.

5) UEFA Intertoto Cup Winners (2 times).

6) Fussball-Bundesliga Winners (2 times).

7) Fuji-Cup Winners.

8) Coppa Delle Alpi Winners.

9) Oberliga West Winners (2 times).

10) West German Football Championship Winners (4 times).

11) Ruhrbezirk Winners (6 times).

12) Gauliga Westfalen Winners (11 times).

13) Westphalia Cup Winners (2 times).

14) Emscherkreis Champion (2 times).

15) Westdeutscher Kreisliga Champions.

16) Ruhrgau Champion of the Kreisligen Winners.

17) Emscherkreisliga Champions (2 times).

18) Gelsenkirchen Gauliga Champions.

19)  A-Klasse Champions.

20) B-Klasse Champions.

Top ten football players of Bayern Munich football club

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