Performance record of Hamburg football club

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German football club Hamburg FC

One of the best football clubs that have come out of Germany, the Hamburg Football Club has a history and tradition that truly gives it a royalty status. Apart from being the only team to have not been relegated from top flight football in Germany, Hamburg FC has been featuring in tournaments all across the world bagging a number of trophies and constantly playing good aggressive football in Europe.

The club won the UEFA Champions League (European Cup formerly) in 1983 and were the runners up back in the 1980 edition.  Hamburg FC have won the European Cup Winners Cup once and stood at the runners up podium as well. Having won the inter toto cup twice, Hamburg FC has also been a runner up once in the UEFA Cup.

At the national level, Hamburg FC’s record is a treat to take a look at. They have been the champions of Germany a total of 5 times with victories in the Bundesliga thrice. On eight separate occasions they have been the runners up as well along with some exceptional performances in the German Cup where they have won the trophy three times along with three campaigns in which they were the runners up.

Profile: Hamburg football club

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German football club Hamburg SV

Founded in 1887, Hamburg SV football club is a multi sport club based out of Hamburg, Germany like a lot of other clubs and has its football department famous all across the globe because of its consistency over the years.

The only German club not to have been relegated from the top flight German football ever since world war 1, Hamburg FC is the only club to have played in every single edition of the Bundesliga ever since it’s beginning back in 1963. The team play their home games at the Imtech arena which has a capacity exceeding 57,000. On the pitch the Hamburg FC players are seen in a red & white kit and the away games usually see them wearing a blue& white kit.

Often referred to as “Red Shirts” because of the color of their Kit, Hamburg FC currently have a care taking administration with its chairman and manager both working in the capacity of care takers. The club is known to have a diehard fan base who have been supporting the club for generations and continue to do so. Hence a lot of the clubs outside Europe and from within Germany often find playing at the Imtech Arena slightly intimidating.

Profile of VFL Bochum football club

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Football in Germany: Bochum football club

VFL Bochum football club that plays second division football in Germany. Initially formed under the name of Turnverein Zu Bochum in 1848, it is one of the oldest clubs in the Europe. They play their home games in a kit which is a mixture of light and dark blue. The away kits are interesting in color which are often either a dull brown or muddy color or a very light green color.

VFL Bochum FC plays it’s home games at the rewirpower-stadion which has a capacity closing down on 30000. When the Bundesliga was first introduced in 1963, VFL Bochum were positioned in the third division from where they had to work really hard to reach the top flight and it wasn’t until 1971 that they got their first chance to play with the big boys of German Football.

The club has a few very interesting things that are off note; for example VFL Bochum FC has never assigned a number 12 jersey to any player simply because it is in honor of it’s fans whom the club considers as the 12th player. The club also was the first ever German club who traveled to Israel to play in 1955 and it’s unofficial anthem was written by a well known German musician called Herbert Gronemeyer which is sung at the start of every home game.

Performance record and best football players of Cottbus football club

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German football: Cottbus football club

Cottbus football club is a young football club and although has quickly raised through the ranks and played in the Bundesliga with the big boys but have yet to win any honors which are worth a mention.

The Cottbus football club has only won the German under 17 youth championship back in 2004 otherwise the senior team is most of the times struggling to maintain a spot in the Bundesliga. On a number of occasions Cottbus FC have been found battling relegation and have been demoted regularly from where they seem to bounce back often only for short stints though.

Although, they were playing third division football not so long ago, it was a group of hardworking footballers that really led from the front and helped the club in tasting some national level football. One such player that holds a special place in the Cottbus club’s history is Vasile Miriuta who stayed with the club between1998-2002 and helped the club in achieving promotion to the top tier football league. There are a few other players that have played an important role in the clubs history and that are Tomislav Piplica, Antun Laback and Marco Kurth, just to name a few big names.

Performance record and best football players of Arminia Belifield football club

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Arminia Belifield football club

In over a 100 years since Arminia Belifield football club have been playing football, they have generally struggled to make a mark as a top club in the German national football and have not managed trophies which are of a national level.

The club has won 3 second division league titles and have stood runners up the same number of times. Arminia Belifield FC holds the record for being promoted into the top flight German Bundesliga 7 times but on the downside they have been relegated very often which makes them a sort of a joke amongst the experts and other teams. They have to their credit a handful of regional trophies with 2 western German Cups as well.

Over the years although success has been hard to come by for Arminia Belifield FC, they have had a number of players that would remembered for their hard work and courage plus a pleasant brand of football that they have often been associated with. Ulrich Stein started his career with the club back in 1978 and though he only spent around 4 years with the club altogether in short stints, he still had a big impact on them. Thomas Stratos is another player who spent around 8 years altogether with the club and has been a faithful servant for them.

The current squad for Arminia Belifield FC holds some promising talent which is under the radar of big European clubs but they all have something refreshing to offer for the clubs prospects in achieving their rightful place in top flight football.

Profile of Arminia Beilefeld football club

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Arminia Beilefeld football club

Founded in May 1905, Arminia Beilefeld football club is a sporting club of German football league that plays in an array of sports. The most famous sporting body that comes out of this club is their football team which has often been referred to as a yo-yo team because of their regular come backs and exits from the top flight football in Germany.

Arminia Beilefeld football club play their home games at the Bielefelder Alm stadium in 1926 which has a capacity in excess of 27000. The club is often remembered for an incident in which it was found involved in bribing it’s opponents in the Bundesliga.

Arminia Beilefeld FC play wearing a black,blue and white kit at home and this is something they adopted when they were founded back in 1905. They are often seen in an all red kit when playing away from home.

The club has a group of loyal supporters and although they play in the second division, they are very well supported in all the games. The average attendance in the home games is around 20000 which is one of the best for any second division side.

Arminia Beilefeld FC created history when it became the first German club to sign Iranian players in the likes of Ali Daei and Karim Bagheri. Although they have made a record by achieving a promotion to the top flight football 7 times but the passion the players and the fans have help them in bouncing back again and again ensuring a bright future for the club.

Top ten football players of Schalke 04 football club

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