Profile: Eintracht Frankfurt football club

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eintracht-frankfurt-football club

Eintracht Frankfurt football club is an international German professional league football team located in the city of Frankfurt, Germany. The club was established on March 8, 1899, currently playing in the German Top-Division ‘Bundesliga’. The club is currently playing under the Coaching leadership of ‘Christoph Daum’, while Peter Fischer is an active chairman of the club. Eintracht Frankfurt is one of the most popular and famous football club in Germany. Their home ground in ‘Commerzbank-Arena, Frankfurt am Main’ having capacity of 51,000 spectators.

Eintracht Frankfurt football club are more often nicknamed by their fans “Die Andler (Eagles)”, SGE (Sportgemeindde Eintracht), and “launische Dive (moody dive)”. They play home games in Red and Black stripe jersey with Black shorts, while away games in White Jersey with White shorts. Franport, the airport operator, are the official shirt sponsors of Die Andler.

The club has shown great performances on both the domestic and international level, but however in case of Eintracht Frankfurt football club, they have more amazing stat on the international level, winning UEFA Cup back in the 1980’s, UEFA Intertoto Cup in 1967 and Coppa delle Alpi in 1967. They were also ended one time runners-up in Eurpean Cup in 1960. On domestic level they are one time winners of German Championship in 1959, 4 times winners of DFB-Pokal in 1974, 1975, 1981, 1988 and one time winners of Fuji Cup in 1992.

Karl-Heinz “Charly” Korbel football player holds the record for all competition appearances with 720 games during 1972-1991, while Bernd Holzenbein Football Player holds the record for most goals scored for Eintracht Frankfurt FC with 201 during the period of 1967/1981. The clubs biggest home victory is 9-1 against Rot-Weiss Essen Football Club on Octuber 5, 1974, and away victory is 8-1 against Rot-Weiss Essen on May 7, 1977.

Performance record VFL Wolfsburg football club

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wolfsburg football club record and performances

VFL Wolfsburg are normally known to be one hit wonders since they came out of nowhere to clinch a Bundesliga title which caused a wave of shock not only in Germany but globally. The club has never been known to be big performers and their record suggests that as well.

The highest point for Wolfsburg football club came within the 2008-2009 season when they performed exceptionally well and won the Bundesliga title beating sides of the caliber of Bayern Munich, Bayer Leverkeusen and other big boys of German football. Having won the Bundesliga title many of us would have thought the club would have done really well in other national tournaments if not in Europe but in reality even that picture is gloomy. In DFB-Pokal which is also at times known as the German national cup, VFL Wolfsburg football club have only been runners up once in the 1994-1995 season.

Over the years, the club has won a few amateur tournaments though such is not a performance associated with a club that has been the champions of Germany. In the midst of all this, one thing is very positive, VFL Wolsburg have been performing exceptionally well within the youth circuit in the recent years which only testifies that the club has a really bright future ahead.

Performance record of Mainz 05 football club

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Peformance record of German football club Mainz 05

FSV Mainz 05 Football Club have never been a club that you would associate a lot of trophies with. The fact is that with it’s long history it has never been able to draw in big money and eventually big named players which would have helped them win trophies.

Mainz 05 FC have been constantly struggling to make a mark for themselves in German football and have not been present consistently in the top flight German Bundesliga. Apart from winning the ‘South West Cup’, a trophy in which the reserve players take part, eight times, Mainz 05 FC do not have any notable achievements to write home about.

The most important achievement for the club is that in the recent years even though have faced relegation from the top flight division regularly, they have often bounced backed and are trying to draw in investors who could change the fate of this club by investing big money in the infrastructure and players.

Mainz 05 Football club have however had a good start to the 21st century not only because they have been constantly playing with the big boys but also because in the German national cup called DFB-Pokal they finished as semi finalists in 2009. More so, in 2005, due to their fair play they won a ticket to play in the UEFA Cup. With the club still struggling on many fronts, it’s fans and hard working players are trying to make sure that the club works towards populating it’s trophy cabinet soon.

Performance record and best football players of VFB Stuttgart football club

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German football club VFB Stuttgart football club

Being one of the largest sporting clubs in German, VFB Stuttgart has lived up to its reputation and have performed well regularly both at the national and international levels.

VFB Stuttgart football club have been crowned the champions of Germany 5 times out of which three of these title have come after the modern day Bundesliga was introduced back in 1963. They also had to play second fiddle on 4 separate occasions where by they were the runners up in the German championship. On three occasions, VFB Stuttgart FC were victorious in the German Cup and got the runners up medal twice.

As far as Europe is concerned, the club has won two inter toto cups but have never managed to win either the UEFA Cup or the UEFA Champions league. The best performance that they have managed at the European level is a runners up medal  which they got for the UEFA Cup back in 1989 and in 1998 they were again the runners up in the UEFA Cup winners cup. To their credit, VFB Stuttgart FC have won a number of regional as well as trophies at the youth level which only ensures that the future for the club is bright and in the right hands.

Karlsruher SC football club profile

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German football: karlsruhe-football-club

Karlsruher SC football club was a result of a lot of mergers and although it was initially formed in 1894, it finally settled down in 1952. The club is based in Karlsruhe, Germany and after being relegated from the Bundesliga a few years back, they are currently playing in the 2nd division in Germany.

Karlsruher SC football club play their home games at the wildparkstadion with a capacity which is closing down to 30000. The home kits are predominantly white with blue borders and the away games are played wearing a blue kit with white borders.

The club has through out it’s history seen a lot of ups and downs mainly due to financial restrictions which have led them to even play in the German 3rd division but the sheer will and passion for the game helps them bounce back. The club’s golden period is always associated under the crafty leadership of Winfried Schafer, who not only helped them up the table in the Bundesliga got them to perform exceptionally well in the UEFA cup where Karlsruher SC literally thrashed the Spanish giants Valencia football club 7-0 and making the victory as one of the most memorable in the club’s history.

At present the club is playing in the 2nd division but looks pumped up to bounce back in the Bundesliga and some how duplicate the seasons in which they reached the semi finals in the UEFA Cup.

Hertha BSC football club profile

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Football in Germany: Hertha BSC football club profile

Based in Berlin Germany, Hertha BSC football club is one of the founding members of the German Football Association. The club was formed in 1892 in Leipzig and has a rich history to itself.

The club currently play in the German second division and have historically been known for performing really well through out their time on the pitch. They play their home games at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin which has a capacity or around 75000 people. The home kits for Hertha BSC FC are white and blue and the away kits are normally red and black in color. They happen to be one of the first teams to have beaten Southend United FC from England in 1910, in an era when the English clubs dominated the world of football.

Time and again the club felt the heat of poor financial situations and was at times not in the position to buy the sort of talent that would take them really to the top. Although they were one of the first sides to have played in the inaugural Bundesliga in 1963 and performed relatively well, they were demoted for the next season because they were found guilty of bribing the players to play for them. In recent times Hertha BSC FC have been regulars in the Bundesliga and have also managed to play not only in the UEFA Cup but also in the UEFA Champions league, which without a doubt is one of the biggest achievements for any club.

Profile of Hannover 96 football club

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Football in germany: Profile of Hannover 96 football club

Nicknamed ‘Die Roten’ (The Reds), Hannover 96 is a football club that plays in the German Bundesliga. Founded back in 1896, the club is distinct in their Red and White home kit although, originally, black-white-green were colors associated with the club.

The club was resolved during the world war 2 like most of the football clubs all across Europe but was reassembled in August 1945. Hannover 96 football club are not necessarily known for their trophies but the club has a rich history to show. They have won an odd trophy here and there but mostly they have been fighting relegation and financial problems. Had it not been for a decent run for the club post 1990, the club would have very well gone into administration. It was their victory in the DFB-Pokal tournament that helped Hannover 96 FC get their finances straight and became the first lower division side to win this tournament. The club then got relegated to the third division which was probably the worst period in the club’s history. They however recruited some fresh talent which took the club from strength to strength and eventually Hannover 96 football club got back into Bundesliga with the big boys.

Having signed a new technical director and a group of talented footballers, the future promises to be bright for Hannover 96 and it’s fans.

Top ten players of Bayer Leverkusen football club

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Juan-Arango  of Bayer Leverkusen football club Read more..

Profile of Bayer Leverkusen football club

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After an initiative taken by employees of Friedrich Bayer and Company, a sports club by the name of Bayer Leverkusen was formed in 1904. It was initially a sports club which was involved in a number of sports but the most famous sporting department eventually proved to be the football club.

It was not until 1988 that the Bayer Leverkusen football club was noted as a major German club, up until their victory against Espanyol FC which helped them lift the UEFA Cup final. The club is known for it’s attacking football style but has never been able to perform up to it’s true potential in the German Bundesliga. Having had talents like Michael Ballack and Ze Roberto, they have not been able to capitalize on this and did not win any major trophies.

Bayern Leverkusen football club almost got relegated in the 2002-2003 season but thankfully they survived the embarrassment. Thanks to Klaus Augenthaler whose exceptional management skills not only saved the club for relegation but he also exalted the standard of the club’s game and led them to a 3rd place finish the Bundesliga along with a birth in the Champions league.

Recent times may have seen a slight deterioration in the performance of Bayer Leverkusen football club but they have been working hard and have cemented a name for themselves in European football.

Profile of Arminia Beilefeld football club

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Arminia Beilefeld football club

Founded in May 1905, Arminia Beilefeld football club is a sporting club of German football league that plays in an array of sports. The most famous sporting body that comes out of this club is their football team which has often been referred to as a yo-yo team because of their regular come backs and exits from the top flight football in Germany.

Arminia Beilefeld football club play their home games at the Bielefelder Alm stadium in 1926 which has a capacity in excess of 27000. The club is often remembered for an incident in which it was found involved in bribing it’s opponents in the Bundesliga.

Arminia Beilefeld FC play wearing a black,blue and white kit at home and this is something they adopted when they were founded back in 1905. They are often seen in an all red kit when playing away from home.

The club has a group of loyal supporters and although they play in the second division, they are very well supported in all the games. The average attendance in the home games is around 20000 which is one of the best for any second division side.

Arminia Beilefeld FC created history when it became the first German club to sign Iranian players in the likes of Ali Daei and Karim Bagheri. Although they have made a record by achieving a promotion to the top flight football 7 times but the passion the players and the fans have help them in bouncing back again and again ensuring a bright future for the club.

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