Profile of Bayer Leverkusen football club

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After an initiative taken by employees of Friedrich Bayer and Company, a sports club by the name of Bayer Leverkusen was formed in 1904. It was initially a sports club which was involved in a number of sports but the most famous sporting department eventually proved to be the football club.

It was not until 1988 that the Bayer Leverkusen football club was noted as a major German club, up until their victory against Espanyol FC which helped them lift the UEFA Cup final. The club is known for it’s attacking football style but has never been able to perform up to it’s true potential in the German Bundesliga. Having had talents like Michael Ballack and Ze Roberto, they have not been able to capitalize on this and did not win any major trophies.

Bayern Leverkusen football club almost got relegated in the 2002-2003 season but thankfully they survived the embarrassment. Thanks to Klaus Augenthaler whose exceptional management skills not only saved the club for relegation but he also exalted the standard of the club’s game and led them to a 3rd place finish the Bundesliga along with a birth in the Champions league.

Recent times may have seen a slight deterioration in the performance of Bayer Leverkusen football club but they have been working hard and have cemented a name for themselves in European football.

Profile of Arminia Beilefeld football club

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Arminia Beilefeld football club

Founded in May 1905, Arminia Beilefeld football club is a sporting club of German football league that plays in an array of sports. The most famous sporting body that comes out of this club is their football team which has often been referred to as a yo-yo team because of their regular come backs and exits from the top flight football in Germany.

Arminia Beilefeld football club play their home games at the Bielefelder Alm stadium in 1926 which has a capacity in excess of 27000. The club is often remembered for an incident in which it was found involved in bribing it’s opponents in the Bundesliga.

Arminia Beilefeld FC play wearing a black,blue and white kit at home and this is something they adopted when they were founded back in 1905. They are often seen in an all red kit when playing away from home.

The club has a group of loyal supporters and although they play in the second division, they are very well supported in all the games. The average attendance in the home games is around 20000 which is one of the best for any second division side.

Arminia Beilefeld FC created history when it became the first German club to sign Iranian players in the likes of Ali Daei and Karim Bagheri. Although they have made a record by achieving a promotion to the top flight football 7 times but the passion the players and the fans have help them in bouncing back again and again ensuring a bright future for the club.

Top ten players of Borussia Dortmund football club

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Performance record of Borussia Dortmund football

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Performance record of Borussia Dortmund football

Borussia Dortmund Football club has evolved over the years as a power house of German football and even with regular financial scares, the club has shown resiliency and has constantly won silver wear for it’s die hard fans.

After securing their first national title back in 1956 with a victory against Karlsruher FC 4-2, the club has never looked back.Over the years, apart from winning 6 German Bundesliga titles, Borussia Dortmund FC was the first German club to make a mark for itself in Europe by winning the UEFA cup in 1966 and eventually winning the UEFA Champions league in 1997.To their credit, Borussia Dortmund have also got two German Cups in their trophy cabinet which only testifies the consistency with which this club has matured with time.

Borussia Dortmund FC are also known to have developed intense football rivalry between them and Schalke 04 football club, who were the most successful side post world war 2 era. Even though they lost to Juventus FC in the 1993 UEFA Cup final, the money that resulted was used to sign some exceptional talent that eventually resulted in back to back Bundesliga titles in 1995 and 1996 under the inspirational play maker Matthias Sammer. With time moving on and more and more money being poured into the game, it is only a matter of time when Borussia Dortmund FC rise to the status of European champions as the side definitely possesses some great talent on display.

Top ten football clubs of German football league

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Top ten football players of Schalke 04 football club

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Performance record of Schalke 04 football club

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Performance record of Schalke 04 football club

The Schalke 04 football club is flying high as they recently defeated Spanish football club, Valencia football club to register a place in the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League and this highlights the amount of success the club are achieving at the moment. Schalke fc has a very rich history filled with trophies from almost every competition in the football world and this commendable feat has been achieved only due to the exceptional squad consisting of remarkable players. The club’s trophy cabinet is a source of pride for their ever increasing number of fans and keeping in view the current form of the Schale 04 football club, it looks like more trophies are bound to come as the team looks eager to lift a major trophy since their barren spell from 2005.

Performance record of Schalke 04 football club of German football league:

1) German Championship Winners (7 times).

2) DFB-Pokal Winners (4 times).

3) Ligapokal Winners.

4) UEFA Cup Winners.

5) UEFA Intertoto Cup Winners (2 times).

6) Fussball-Bundesliga Winners (2 times).

7) Fuji-Cup Winners.

8) Coppa Delle Alpi Winners.

9) Oberliga West Winners (2 times).

10) West German Football Championship Winners (4 times).

11) Ruhrbezirk Winners (6 times).

12) Gauliga Westfalen Winners (11 times).

13) Westphalia Cup Winners (2 times).

14) Emscherkreis Champion (2 times).

15) Westdeutscher Kreisliga Champions.

16) Ruhrgau Champion of the Kreisligen Winners.

17) Emscherkreisliga Champions (2 times).

18) Gelsenkirchen Gauliga Champions.

19)  A-Klasse Champions.

20) B-Klasse Champions.

Schalke 04 football club profile

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German football club Schalke 04 football club profile

Schalke football club is a German football league club that was established in May 1904 and has since then been among the list of successful teams in Germany. The  Schalke football club has been attracting a lot of praise recently for playing good football and qualifying for the UEFA Champions League along with some big teams. Schalke fc has a rich history and the club has a good capable squad. ‘DIE KONIGSBLAUEN (the royal blues)’ as they are fondly called have a rich history and a prestigious trophy cabinet filled with trophies from all over the world showing the Schalke football club’s successful era of dominance in the world of football.

The Schalke football club is currently under guidance of experienced coach Felix Magath who has given new confidence to the club and helped strengthen the team by signing players such as Raul Gonzalez. Schalke fc play their home matches at the beautiful Veltins-arena that can accommodate a massive total of over 61,400 fans. Schalke football club is currently owned by Josef Schnusenberg who has provided funds for bringing in renowned players such as Raul and Klaas-Jan Huntelaar. The club’s crest is characterized by blue and white colours in the form of a ring and SC 04 written in between.

Performance record of Bayern Munich football club

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German football club Bayern Munich  Team Squad

Bayern Munich fc  of German football league has a reputation of being consistent which has proved beneficial for them as the club has achieved success in domestic cups but also won international trophies such as the UEFA Champions League title which itself speaks for the exceptional performance record of the team. ‘The Bavarians’ have a remarkable squad that has made it possible to win these trophies and the club has proved it’s mettle to the whole world and won against top class team such as Barcelona football club. Bayern Munich football club of German football league has a decorated trophy cabinet that is a source of pride for their fans.

Performance record of Bayern Munich football club (German football league)

1) German Champions Winner (22 times, record).

2) DFB-Pokal Winners (15 times, record).

3) DFB Liga-Pokal Winners (6 times, record).

4) DFB Supercup-Winners (4 times, record shared with two other clubs).

5) UEFA Champions League/European Cup Winners (4 times).

6) European Cup Winners Cup Winners.

7) UEFA Europa League/UEFA Cup Winners.

8) Intercontinental Cup Winners (2 times).

These remarkable achievements have made Bayern Munich football club the most successful German football club as they have won the most Championships and most Cups in Germany. The club has also won the UEFA Champions League three times in a row hence allowing them to wear the multiple- winner badge during Champions League matches.

Bayern Munich football club profile

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German football club bayern_munchen_logo

Bayern Munich fc of German football league is an elite club that is also ranked among the top clubs in Europe. The Germany based football club was established in 1900 and has since then dominated the world of football and made a name for itself by winning 22 German titles and 15 cups. The Bayern Munich football club has a reputation of playing clinical football and posing pressure on their rivals by their attacking style. Bayern Munich FC is fondly nicknamed as ‘DIE BAYERN  (the Bavarians)’ and has a huge fan following all over the world.

The club’s home ground, the Allianz Arena can accommodate over 69,000 fans and is a wonderful piece of art. Bayern Munich football club is also considered a dominating force In European competitions having reached the final of the 2009/10 UEFA Champion League Final. The Bayern Munich football club has also produced exceptional young talent and under their current coach Louis Van Gaal the club is firing on all cylinders and looking strong to achieve success. The club has a rich history and a decorated trophy cabinet. The Bayern Munich FC’s crest features a red ring characterized by red, blue and white in between; the colours of Bavaria are added in the center while the club name FC BAYERN MUNCHEN is written in white enclosing these Bavarian colours.

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