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Performance record of Hercules football club

Hercules football club of La Liga

Hercules Club de Football has a long history filled with many great moments, data, joys and sorrows. The Hercules football team is regarded as one of the top Spanish sides of Second Division. The club has promoted to the top division (La Liga) 2010-11 season after 13 years of long journey spent in the Second Division and Second B Division.

1970’s and 80s is regarded as the most successful season in the football history of Hercules CF, playing 10 years of spell in the top flight. The club has successfully played 20 seasons in the La Liga, 40 seasons in Second Division, 11 seasons in Second Division B and 7 seasons in the Third Division.


  • Segunda Champions – 1935-36, 1965-66, 1995-96


  • 20 seasons in La Liga
  • 40 seasons in Second Division
  • 11 seasons in Second Division B
  • 7 seasons in Third Division
  • Highest score achieved in First Division Hercules 6-Celta 1 (Season 1939-40)
  • Embedded biggest win First Division: Atletico Madrid football club 9- Hercules 0 (Season 1955-56)
  • Best place in the League (First Division): 5th (Season 74-75)
  • Worst in the League (First Division): 21 (Season 96-97)
  • Top scorer in its history: Eduardo Rodriguez, with 36 goals in a season. (Season 1992-93)
  • More matches: Giuliano
  • Most seasons wearing the blue and white shirt: Macia
  • Most important president in the history Hercules football history: Don Jose Rico Perez
  • Coaches in its history: Arsenio Iglesias, Juan Carlos Mandi, Manolo Jimenez, Quique Hernandez, EstebanViso

Hercules football club profile

Spanish football club Hercules football club

Hercules Football Club, S.A.D. is a Spanish international league football club located in Alicante, Valencia, Spain. The club was founded in 1922 and Jose Massia Juniper was the fist president of the club. Herucles Football Club currently plays in the top flight La Liga and plays homes games at “Jose Rico Perez” stadium, having capacity of 30,500 spectators.

Hercules Club de Football, well known as the “Gerculanos” and “Blanquiazules” plays home games in the white and blue vertical stripe jersey with Black shorts, and away games in Green and Black combination jersey with Black shorts. The club has signed two yeas of contract with NIKE, giving the blue-white entity to market an exclusive line of clothing that will provide the brand.

The club was officially registered on October, 25, 1922, with the Regional Federation Levantine and played their first game against Albacete Football Club in Florida as a tribute to Jose Munoz Gomis supporter of soccer in Alicante in the early 20th century. The game was won by Hercules by 3-1 against Albacete.

Hercules CF marked their first appearance in the La Liga in 1935-36 season, ended 6th at the league table. The club has played most of its football in the Second Division also going as low as Third Division. After spending 12 seasons in the La Liga in 70s and 80s, the club only returned again in 1996-07 season.

In 2009-10 season, the club once again promoted to the Top-Flight after 13 years, but once again hanging in the danger zone with 20th position on the La Liga table.

The club is in a deep trouble as they sacked the Coach Esteban Vigo after a 4-0 home defeat by Osasuna Football Club which left them bottom of the La Liga table. The club desperately needs some wins on the La Liga table to ignore the relegation for next season.