History of Internazionale Club

by on October 3, 2010
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Italian football Serie A Inter Milan-Logo

Football Club Internazionale Milano was founded on 9th March, 1908. The name of the club itself indicates that even players of foreign nationality can play in their club. The club was set up by the members of Milan CFC which is the ancestor of AC Milan. The creation of Internazionale club is because a group of Italians and Swiss who were unhappy on the Italian domination in the team of AC Milan. The club’s logo was designed by Giorgio Muggiani. The club won their first Scudetto in the year 1909-10.

In the year1929, the President of the club Oreste Simonotti changed the name of the club in to AS Ambrosiana even though the club was known as “Inter” among the supporters. Under the captaincy of Giuseppe Meazza, they won the Italian Cup or Coppa Italia in the year 1938-39 as well as the fifth league championship in the year 1940. The club was again re-named as Internazionale FC Milano which is almost similar to the original name after the end of World War II and is continued to be known in that name. The golden era of the club is also known as “La Grande Inter” which was after the arrival of the President, Angelo Moratti in 1955. They won the 11th league as well as the 12th league titles in the year 1971 and 1980 respectively.