Top ten captains in UEFA 2010

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Top ten goalies and defenders of UEFA-All time

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Best Goalies and Defenders of Real Madrid – All time

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Profile and Performance Records of Real Madrid

Real Madrid FC LogoReal Madrid Club de Futbol is a Spanish football club which is generally called as Real Madrid. Real Madrid club is from Madrid, Spain and it is a professional club of association football. In Spanish football, Real Madrid was voted as the most successful club of 20th century by FIFA. The club has won 17 Spanish “Copa del Rey” cups, 1 Copa Eva Durate, 2 UEFA Cups, 9 UEFA champion Leagues, 3 Intercontinental Cups and 1 UEFS Supercup. In Spanish the word “Real” means “royal” and the name with the royal crown in the emblem was given by the King. Real Madrid is the world’s richest football club i.e. in terms of revenue. Real Madrid reached second in the list of most valuable teams and in the year 2008, the club worth €950m. The club is one of the founding members of FIFA. The home color for their jersey is white but its crest has been changed several times in order to modernize it. Read more..

Top Ten Goalies and Defenders of Real Madrid-All time

Real Madrid FC LogoRicard Zamora is the first member of the Spanish football National team. He represented the Spain National team in 1934 World Cup and made official appearances for 46 times. Juan Alonso was the part of Real Madrid for the victories in 1956, 1957 and 1958 European Cups. Juan was the captain of the National team for 2 times. Agustin made his debut in first division against UD Salamanca because of the injury of Remon. Agustin helped his team to reach the last eight at 1979 FIFA World Youth Championship. Mariano Remon helped the club to six leagues and three cups. Paco Buyo was the goalkeeper of Real Madrid who appeared for the club for 542 first division matches which is third highest in the history of the club. Jose Banon played more than 100 matches for the club. Bodo Illgner played in 1998 UEFA Championship League Final and Real Madrid won that match but he was relegated to the bench by Iker Casillas, the best goalkeeper of Real Madrid. Read more..

Top Ten Moneymakers and Most Handsome (Hottest) Footballers of Real Madrid-All time

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Famous Football Player: Iker Casillas (Spain)

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Spain – Eager for Number 1

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Football_SpainSpain, being the current European champion of year 2008, has been positioned second on the FIFA rankings which clearly shows that Spain has the potential to claim the title this year. As per the qualification for FIFA World Cup, Spain has qualified for 12 times in this event. In 2008, Spain became the only team to be at the top of the FIFA World Ranking who has not won the World Cup title ever. Marvel it is for Spain! Read more..

Top Goalkeepers and Defenders of FIFA World Cup 2010

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The Ultimate Dream Team of the Current Players

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Iker Casillas

Imagine the scene. Hampden Park in Glasgow, the spiritual home of soccer, playing a team of all-stars extracted from all the teams that are currently playing. Eleven men, incomparably supreme athletes, walk onto the pitch. A line-up that is always in the dreams of soccer fans is as follows:

Goalkeeper: Iker Casillas

Casillas is one of those players who seem like they’ve been in the game for a long time. Having made his debut for Real Madrid aged just seventeen; his career reached the ultimate pinnacle when he captained his national team to a European Championship victory. Moving onto his physical attributes, Casillas is a great goalkeeper because of his quick reflexes and his bravery, often willing to put his body on the line for the good of the team. And his consistency can’t be matched by any goal keeper!

Defenders: Ashley Cole, Rio Ferdinand, Nemanja Vidic, Alessandro Nesta

It’s very hard in world soccer to point out outstanding defenders, as most of the glory goes to the strikers. However, these four names truly stand out. Vidic & Ferdinand – two reasons why Manchester United have the meanest defense in the Premiership. Vidic in particular is the model of bravery, and is as good at scoring from corners as he is at defending them. Ferdinand is a mixture of speed, strength and intelligence, a set of traits that compliment his fellow centre-back.

On the left hand side, there is only ever going to be one choice – Ashley Cole; his raw pace and his ability to go forwards stand him out from his competitors. On the right hand side is the old war horse of the defense. Alessandro Nesta’s ability is un-debatable. He has won a World Cup, as well as a Champion’s League medal.

Midfielders: Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Steven Gerrard, Gennaro Gattuso

Cristiano Ronaldo stands alone at the support of world soccer. His blend of fierce speed, ankle breaking skills and sheer courage put him in a league of his own.

Lionel Messi is simply the future of Argentinean soccer. Unlike the Portuguese, he always kicks it up a notch in the big games.

In the middle are the two midfielders. Gerrard is always capable of changing the course of a match. He is deadly shooting from outside the area, and is a complete fighter. Gattuso is a defensive midfielder. He marks his men pretty well and never gives them breathing space. His tough tackling also makes the player double minded for his move.

Strikers: Fernando Torres, Dimitar Berbatov

While many others can make it to the striker list, I’ll point out that these two are not the two best strikers in the world but perhaps the two who would play best together. Fernando Torres is the classic out. His ability to run between defenders and his coolness under pressure are great assets to his side. Berbatov always has a threat coming from his superb control, effortless skill and his ability to hold up the ball for other players to come and support him.