Top football players of Inter Milan football club

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Performance record of Inter Milan football club

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From the very first league title in 1910 up to their last Italian football league title in 2010, Inter Milan football club have been crowned the champions of Italy 18 times and look hungry for a lot more in the coming years.

In total the Inter Milan football club has lifted 29 national trophies including 6 Italian Cups and 5 Italian Super cups. Their star studded squad over the years has also helped them lift handful trophies at the international level. Inter Milan football club have enjoyed success in Europe thrice and have also had the honor of lifting the FIFA club world cup in 2010. Starting from 2006, also known as the resurrection period for the Italian giants, they have won the national league 5 times consecutively which also happens to be an Italian record.

The UEFA Champions League was the only missing link between true greatness and Inter Milan FC. The club’s out spoken and ambitious president then decided to land in Jose Mourinho in June 2008 and assigned him the task of bringing European glory to Inter Milan football club. After a hard fought two years and supreme playing style, Inter Milan football club finally brought home the most prized trophy in club football in 2010, the UEFA Champion’s League. 2010 also happened to be the clubs most memorable year with the success of 3 trophies nationally and internationally.

Although Inter Milan football club is in a phase of restructuring at the moment after the departure of Jose Mourinho, but the club still plays with a lot of passion and in lieu of defending their European title they beat Bayern Munich football club a couple of nights back and advanced to the Quarter Final stages yet again!

Profile of Inter Milan football club

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Formed in March 1908, San Siro (Football Stadium) is the home to the current Italian, European and World Champions, Inter Milan football club. Playing in their blue and black stripe jersey, Inter Milan football club is one of the most successful clubs in Italian football league if not Europe.

Formed by a collaboration of Italian and Swiss football players, Inter Milan football club club won it’s very first Italian football league title in 1910 and since have never looked back. The Inter Milan FC squad has always boasted of talent from all across the globe and their scouts seem to have found them gems to join in their ranks. A few names of Inter Milan football club that would very well ring the bell in everyone’s ears would be Cristian Vieri, Ronaldo, Sneijder and Luis Figo.

Massimo Moratti, the current owner and president of Inter Milan FC proved to be a ray of hope for Inter Milan football club who had almost 2 decades of dismal results starting 1990 up until 2004. He injected money and brought in excellent management staff which resulted in the club exalting to new heights and enjoyed success of a treble last year. Having never been relegated from top flight football, Inter Milan football club are considered to be the power houses of club football and seem to be gaining strength to strength as time moves on.

History of Internazionale Club

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Football Club Internazionale Milano was founded on 9th March, 1908. The name of the club itself indicates that even players of foreign nationality can play in their club. The club was set up by the members of Milan CFC which is the ancestor of AC Milan. The creation of Internazionale club is because a group of Italians and Swiss who were unhappy on the Italian domination in the team of AC Milan. The club’s logo was designed by Giorgio Muggiani. The club won their first Scudetto in the year 1909-10.

In the year1929, the President of the club Oreste Simonotti changed the name of the club in to AS Ambrosiana even though the club was known as “Inter” among the supporters. Under the captaincy of Giuseppe Meazza, they won the Italian Cup or Coppa Italia in the year 1938-39 as well as the fifth league championship in the year 1940. The club was again re-named as Internazionale FC Milano which is almost similar to the original name after the end of World War II and is continued to be known in that name. The golden era of the club is also known as “La Grande Inter” which was after the arrival of the President, Angelo Moratti in 1955. They won the 11th league as well as the 12th league titles in the year 1971 and 1980 respectively.

Italian football league system

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