Top ten captains in UEFA 2010

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Best defenders of Chelsea – All time

Chelsea football clubJohn Terry is the captain as well as defender of Chelsea football club. Terry was selected as the best defender in UEFA Champions League in 2005 and 2008. Ashley Cole plays as a left-back in Chelsea football club and is one of the best in the world. Cole is a regular  player of the Chelsea football club and became the first player who won six medals of FA Cup winners. Ricardo Carvalho is considered as one of the best centre-backs who helped the club to win the title of Premier League. Carvalho was voted as the club’s “Players Player of the Year” by his fellow colleagues and reached the top three for the “Player of the Year” award decided by the fans of Chelsea football club. Brainslav Ivanovic can play across the defense and also as a defensive midfielder. Paulo Ferreira plays as a full back for Chelsea football club and also for Portuguese football national team. Ferreira played 20 games with Chelsea football club in 2009-10 and scored one goal in total. Read more..

Best goalies of Chelsea – All time

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Top Ten Moneymakers and Most Handsome (Hottest) Footballers of Chelsea-All time

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Top ten captains of Chelsea – All time

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Top Defenders of FIFA 1978-2006

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Lilian Thuram

“They say that the best defense is offense, and I intend to start offending right now.” Captain James

Defending is a beautiful blend of calm and offensive approach. Being calm helps defenders to think what needs to be done and offense helps them to keep the opponent off their net. Their movements and control on the ball play a major role in the win of any team. Whether offensive or defensive, these boys are a pride of any team. Here is a quick glance at the defenders of 1978-2006:

2006 FIFA World Cup (Germany)

• Roberto Ayala (Argentina)
• John Terry (England)
• Lilian Thuram (France)
• Philipp Lahm (Germany)
• Gianluca Zambrotta (Italy)
• Ricardo Carvalho (Portugal)

2002 FIFA World Cup (Korea/Japan)

• Roberto Carlos (Brazil)
• Jeremiah “Sol” Campbell (England)
• Fernando Hierro (Spain)
• Hong Myung-Bo (South Korea)
• Alpay Ozalan (Turkey)

1998 FIFA World Cup (France)

• Roberto Carlos (Brazil)
• Marcel Desailly (France)
• Lilian Thuram (France)
• Frank de Boer (Netherlands)
• Carlos Gamarra (Paraguay)

1994 FIFA World Cup (USA)

• Jorginho (Brazil)
• Marcio Santos (Brazil)
• Paolo Maldini (Italy)

1990 FIFA World Cup (Italy)

• Andreas Brehme (Germany)
• Paolo Maldini (Italy)
• Franco Baresi (Italy)

1986 FIFA World Cup (Mexico)

• Josimar (Brazil)
• Manuel Amoros (France)
• Julio Cesar (Brazil)

1982 FIFA World Cup (Spain)

• Luizinho (Brazil)
• Junior (Brazil)
• Claudio (Italy)
• Fulvio Collovati (Italy)

1978 FIFA World Cup (Argentina)

• Berti Vogts (Germany)
• Rudolf Krol (Netherlands)
• Daniel Passarella (Argentina)
• Alberto Tarantini (Argentina)

Brazil has been dominant and brilliant in defense as the list shows the maximum number of Brazilian defenders. Surely this list will expand more with Brazilian names in FIFA World Cup 2010.

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Best Football Defenders

John Terry

Football is a game of skills and it is played between two teams to score as many goals as possible. Each football team consists of eleven players and some of them play the role of defenders that actually stops the ball hit by opposition player from going into the goal post. It requires sharp defending skills in order to become a good football defender. Let us look at best defenders in the world of soccer from 2005-10.

1. John Terry: An Englishman, who is considered to be one of the best football defender who has sharp skills with vast experience and he can fool any attacker to defend the ball from going into the goal post. John Terry is said to be the best defender of the world.

2. Vidic: Another strong defender who can stay still between the ball and goal post and can defend the ball with pure skills and better footwork. His dribbling capability is also a considerable one to earn him the rank in best defender’s list.

3. Marquez: A Mexican football player is so strong with his football defending capability as he can defend all balls coming towards net.

4. Maldini: An Italian that actually helped Italy to win the world cup title with his defending capability and has blocked many goal scoring chances created by the opponents.

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