Top 8 Hat-tricks of FIFA World Cup

by on June 27, 2010


In the eighty years since that first World Cup Championship, way back in 1930, many of soccer’s greatest and most legendary players have participated. So, you might be wondering, with all of those great players, how many hat tricks have they scored? And which ones were the best? First, you need to know that a “World Cup hat trick” is the feat f scoring three or more goals in a single match. The folks at the World Cup do not count qualifiers! So, that said, here’s the scoop: Read more..

Highest Goal Scorers in Football World Cup

German footballer

Soccer or Football is a team game that can be played with eleven players in a team and two teams compete by scoring highest number of goals in a game to win a game of a football. In short, football is a game of scoring goals. FIFA (Federation of International Football Association) arranges the world cup of this game at every four years of span and to win the competition, teams try to score as much goals as can. Let us look at some of the individuals that have created various records related to scoring goals in football world cup.

1. Miroslav Klose has scored 16 goals in his 24 football world cup final appearances. He represented Germany in 2002, 2006, 2010 and 2014 world cups.

2. Ronaldo (15 Goals in World Cup Finals): This Brazilian holds the world records of scoring highest number of goals in the final match of football world cup and the magical number is fifteen.

3. Gerd Muller (14 goals in 13 matches). Muller represented West Germany in 1970 and 1974 world cups.

4. Just Fontaine (13 Goals in 6 matches in Single World Cup Tournament): A French player who scored total thirteen goals in one world cup tournament is a world record for scoring maximum number of goals in a tournament. He has scored 2.17 goals per match in the world cup so far.

5. Pele (12 goals in 14 matches) This Brazilian legend player has represented his team in four football world cups from 1958 to 1970.

Other goal scoring records in World Cup Football:

1. Ali Daei (35 Goals in overall world cup matches): The hard fought Iranian has a record of scoring highest number of goals in the overall world cup played by any player and the total goal he has scored is thirty-five.

2. Oleg Salenko (Five Goals in a World Cup Match): Salenko is a Russian player who holds the world record of scoring maximum number of goals in a single match and the tally is to five goals in a single match.