Top ten Mid fielders of UEFA

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Top 10 forwards/strikers of UEFA

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Best Mid-fielders and Attackers (Strikers) of Real Madrid-All time

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Top 5 Hot and Handsome Football Superstars

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Wedding Bells for Kaka

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Kaka and Caroline

When talking about the most stylish and good looking football superstar, the normal perception is that he would have ended up with a shining star of the modeling world in a holy knot. But Kaka, with his dashing personality, said a complete no to the glamor world and married his childhood sweetheart, Caroline Celico. Kaka and Caroline were tied in a holy knot on December 23, 2005 at Christ Church in Sao Paulo.

Caroline has amazingly cute looks, with a beautiful blend of attractive smile and innocent face.  She seems to totally dislike the glamor and spotlight and, for that reason, she has never posed for magazine shootings. The general perception about Caroline is that she is a bit shy. Doesn’t this just enhance her beauty? The couple seems to have a perfect chemistry and have been together since 2005 without any public controversy.

Kaka and Caroline first experienced personally the wonders of parenting with their baby boy, Luca, who was born on the 10th of June 2008.

Happy Birthday, Luca!

We wish that you grow strong and wise and a help to others!

Congratulations, dear Kaka (Our favorite Brazilian Football star) and Caroline! Keep it up! We wish you a happy and fulfilled married life!

Famous Football Player: Kaka (a.k.a. Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite) (Brazil)

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Kaka BrazilBorn in Brazil, Kaka has earned worldwide notoriety and acclaim as a first-class midfielder for Spain’s Real Madrid team, as well as on his own native, Brazilian National team. Always a favorite with fans and his managers, Kaka has literally been playing football since he was a kid (just 8 years old) and signed his first Pro contract only seven years later. He began his career, as a child, in Brazil. His pro career took off in Italy where he played for Milan. Then, in June of 2009, Kaka left Milan to take up his current task, playing a great midfield, for Real Madrid. Read more..

Top 3 Football Players in the World

Cristiano Ronaldo

There are thousands of famous football players all around the world, coming from various inter-continental football teams and national teams; some of which are universally recognized and cherished by millions of fans. Among others, the most famous three football players this time round would include;

• Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid,

• Ronaldinho from AC Milan, and

• Kaka from Real Madrid

The first two need no mentioning as their names go along with fame in any part of the world. Kaka on the other hand is highly reputable in the football world, yet very much understated in many peoples’ eyes. Cristiano Ronaldo came under the limelight at a young age and has thus far redefined wingers and their ‘real’ position in the game by his quick pace and trickery. Ronaldinho, a Brazilian footballer is known not only for his ‘grinning’ at all times, but also for his position in being the best player in the pitch who could scare the life out of any defender.

Kaka on the other hand is simply the best player in town who combines Brazilian flair with European directness in his playing. Kaka is also known for his conservative religious views on personal life through representation via t-shirts and his wedding style.