Top ten players of Mainz 05 football club

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Performance record of Mainz 05 football club

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Peformance record of German football club Mainz 05

FSV Mainz 05 Football Club have never been a club that you would associate a lot of trophies with. The fact is that with it’s long history it has never been able to draw in big money and eventually big named players which would have helped them win trophies.

Mainz 05 FC have been constantly struggling to make a mark for themselves in German football and have not been present consistently in the top flight German Bundesliga. Apart from winning the ‘South West Cup’, a trophy in which the reserve players take part, eight times, Mainz 05 FC do not have any notable achievements to write home about.

The most important achievement for the club is that in the recent years even though have faced relegation from the top flight division regularly, they have often bounced backed and are trying to draw in investors who could change the fate of this club by investing big money in the infrastructure and players.

Mainz 05 Football club have however had a good start to the 21st century not only because they have been constantly playing with the big boys but also because in the German national cup called DFB-Pokal they finished as semi finalists in 2009. More so, in 2005, due to their fair play they won a ticket to play in the UEFA Cup. With the club still struggling on many fronts, it’s fans and hard working players are trying to make sure that the club works towards populating it’s trophy cabinet soon.

Profile: Mainz 05 football club

by on April 22, 2011
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Mainze 05 football club logo

Based in one of the most happening cities in Germany, FSV Mainz 05 Football Club is based in Mainz Rhineland-Palatinate. The club was initially formed in 1903 but it went through a lot of mergers in a short period of time and eventually settled down with it’s current name in 1919.

Playing their home games in Stadion am Bruchweg with a capacity of over twenty thousand, FSV Mainz 05 FC play in their usual home kit colored red and white. The club did not get a chance to play top flight football for a very long time since they mostly played in the German second division and mostly finished middle of the table. Eventually under the inspirational managerial leadership of Jurgen Klopp, FSV Mainz 05 won a ticket to the German Bundesliga in 2004. The very same season, they received a ticket to the UEFA Cup under the fair play rule eventually losing out to the subsequent champions Sevilla football club.

The club has since then been facing constant relegations only to return back to the top flight but there seems to be a lack of consistency which is frustrating for the owners and the fans. However, the current season has been very promising and the club is well away from the relegation zone which in itself would be a major victory for them.

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