Argentina – On A World Cup Roller Coaster Ride

by on June 16, 2010

Lionel Messi

Since they came in second-place in the very first World Cup finals played back in 1930, the Argentine National Football Team has been struggling to assert some form of dominance on these most coveted fields of play. All in all, it seems as if Team Argentina has been on a wild roller-coaster ride courtesy of some bad luck and plenty of tough competition.

After taking second in 1930’s inaugural games, the Argentines didn’t get to the finals again for several decades. Then, in 1966, they made it as far as the quarterfinals before facing elimination. Four years later they failed to qualify to participate in 1970 World Cup tournament. Then, the roller coaster started back up again, and in 1978 they won the tournament on their own native soil. Still on the upswing, they picked up yet another win in 1986, defeating West Germany in a thrilling final match. Since then, the roller coaster seems to have stalled.

This year’s Argentine squad is looking to give that thrill ride a little forward momentum. With a strong squad, featuring great talent and a superstar in the person of Lionel Mess, arguably one of the best footballers in the game today, the team expects to reach for and attain new heights.

Realistically, the odds are probably not that strong in Argentina’s favor this year. While they do possess a truly talented squad of athletes and now call one of soccer’s greatest and most eccentric names, Maradona, their coach, this team’s less than stellar qualifying performances has fans and bookmakers a bit nervous about backing them. Still, Argentina knows what it feels like to be the dark horse that comes unexpectedly from behind to win, and they certainly feel they have the talent.

The national football team of Argentina has been very successful and currently ranks the sixth in FIFA world rankings. Here is a peak into their performance at FIFA World cups: Read more..

Dream Team of the Old Legends of Soccer

Lev Yashin

There can’t be a task any more difficult than picking merely 11 players out of the hundreds of great ones that ever played soccer in the past. Every team needs a good, solid, battling lineup including players who can ensure a tough game and championships win. The following lineup is what I have made, taking care to ensure that the above attributes are all met.

Goalkeeper: Lev Yashin

He is thought to be the greatest goalkeeper ever seen in the long history of football and has some unique moments in his career saving some unimaginable goals both for his country and his clubs. This greatest performer of world football was awarded the ‘Order of Lenin’.

Defenders: Franz Beckenbauer, Niton Santos, Moore, Gheorghe Hagi

Beckenbauer dominated German football in the 1960s and ’70s and is arguably the country’s greatest footballer. He invented the modern position of the attacking sweeper who initiates the offense from central defense with deft passes and long runs. Those powerful long runs out of central defense had never been seen before.

Niton Santos was considered the strongest left back ever. With his incomparable technique, tactical knowledge above the average and great fair play quality on the pitch he made one of the strongest defensive pairs with right back Djalma Santos in the history of football.

Moore had this ability of showing an impressive way of reading the game and anticipated opposition movements. For his distinguishing style, Moore was known as a real football gentleman. He was one of the best defenders ever to have played in the past.

Gheorghe Hagi, known as “the Maradona of the Carpathians” is a genius on the field and his ability to score from free kicks using his deadly left foot is legendary. With this ability he can really make this dream team rise to the top.

Midfielders: Michel Platini, Maradona, Frank Rijkaard, Lothar Matthaus

Michel Platini was first in the top goal scorers list in his time. Platini has been an outstanding champion who delighted the audience with his refined pieces of play and his great irony. A real champion but also a great man.

Maradona had so much strength that he could run with the ball and withstand challenges, making him a unique asset to this team.

Frank Rijkaard the Dutch triumvirate became the dominant force of his team during his time leading in the most difficult times for his team and managing a performance every time he played.

Matthaus was the only defensive midfielder to make it on to the original central midfielders list, and it’s not hard to see why because he has a record which still stands today.

Strikers: Pele, Van Basten

Pele’s incredible eye for goal, deadly strike force and remarkable accuracy combined with Van Basten’s spectacular goals, in particular volleys and overhead kicks. These two make a complete forward – dangerous with both left and right foot.