Performance records of Benfica football club

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Portuguese football club Benfica

Benfica football club is not only one of the most successful clubs ever that has come out of Portugal, but they have won a number of accolades in Europe which make them somewhat legendary within the world of club football. Benfica football club is one of the most popular football clubs from Portuguese football league.

They have won a record number of Portuguese national league titles with a total of 32 trophies to date. To their credit, Benfica FC have 24 ‘cup of Portugal’ titles as well along with 2 league cups both of which are a national record as well. The Portuguese Super Cup is another favorite hunting ground for this legendary club as they have bagged 4 titles and have been the runners up on 11 different occasions.

Benfica football club have a supreme record in Europe as well and one is amazed with the consistency with which they have performed although their league has seldom drawn in a lot of money. They have won the UEFA Champions league which was formerly known as the UEFA Cup twice and have been runners up five times.  The club were runners up in the UEFA Cup once as well along with a few victories in the other lesser known European and international titles.

Profile of Benfica football club

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European football club Benfica_logo

Based in Lisbon, Portugal, Sport Lisboa e Benfica better known as Benfica are a multi sport club which was formed back in 1904. The club has a rich sporting history with over 18000 trophies in various sports making it one of the most decorated sporting ventures in the world.

Benfica football club is an arm of the Benfica sports club and is one of the best known Portuguese football teams known as a part of the big three in Portugal. The club plays it’s home football at Estadio Da Luz with a capacity exceeding 65,000. The home kit is red and white whereas the away kit is a nice mixture of beige and blue.

Benfica football club has been dominant on the local football scene ever since it was formed and has been a source of some great talent for the world of football. They got immense success in Europe and nationally since they took the bull by it’s horns and broke the amazing run of European form by Real Madrid FC. The club faced dark times in the middle of 1990s when it went through serious financial troubles since they had done a lot of buying and the squad soared to over 30 players with debts accumulating on the side. They did not manage a lot of success up until 2003 but ever since then have been going through a rebuilding phase whereby they are trying to regain their status as a dominant European club.

Top 16 Teams of FIFA World Cup 2010

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2010_FIFA_World_Cup_logo“Pro football is like nuclear warfare. There are no winners, only survivors.” Read more..

Top Midfielders of FIFA 1978-2006

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Famous Football Player: Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)

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Top Scoring Teams of FIFA World Cup

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Brazil football

Talking about the top scoring teams in FIFA World Cup since 1930, who would not want to have a flashback? Usually when it comes to best performances of top scoring teams, few of the top best teams jump into mind. Here is the top scoring teams list in FIFA World Cup:

• Hungary in 1945 scored 27 goals in all. It is the highest score till now in World Cup history

• France in 1958 scored 23 goals in all in World Cup

• Brazil scored 22 goals in the 1950 World Cup
• Brazil in 1970 World Cup scored 19 goals
• Brazil once again scored the highest goals in the World Cup in 1970: 18

• Argentina scored 18 goals in 1930 World Cup

• Portugal scored 17 goals in World Cup 1966

In FIFA World Cup 2006, Germany scored 14 goals, which is the highest in that tournament. Along with these, France, Poland and Sweden also made records of top scoring teams in different FIFA World Cup tournament.

Lets keep track of the event every four years in order to find out which team is going to break the record of Hungary for being the top scoring team. Football World Cup is a thrilling event and a lot of high scoring games are played every time. 

FIFA World Cup 2010: Group G

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Inter Milan Football Club

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Inter Milan FC

The actual name of Inter Milan is “Football Club Internazionale Milano”, commonly known as Internazionale or Inter Milan (the latter to non Italian fans). This is a famous club from Milan, Italy. Their traditional color is black and blue. Since 1908 they have been playing in Italian First Division football. Inter Milan have won 17 Italian league titles. The home ground of Inter Milan is Giuseppe Meazza stadium. This stadium is also known as “San Siro”, which is a district of Milan. It is the largest stadium in Italy. Its capacity is approximately 80,000. Since 1926, Inter Milan has been using this place to play their matches.

One of the founders of Inter Milan was a painter. His name was Giorgio Muggiani. He was the designer of the first Inter Milan logo. Since 1908, they have worn blue and black stripes.

The owner and president of this team is Massimo Morati, while the present coach is Jose Mourinho from Portugal. They are in the first position of the Italian Serie A 2009-10. The captain of this team is Javier Zanetti. They will play the UEFA Champions League final match against Bayern Munich on the 23rd of May. Inter Milan football club is one of the best and most popular clubs world wide. 

FIFA World Cup 2010 (general info)

2010_FIFA_World_Cup_logoYes, this is football time! Only 30 days to go! The greatest show on earth is knocking at the door. FIFA World Cup 2010 will be the 19th edition. This is the biggest football tournament in the world. And the venue of FIFA World cup 2010 is South Africa. The 11th June is the starting date of FIFA World Cup 2010. And this tournament will be held till the 11th of July. Read more..

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