Popular Football Player Ronaldinho

Ronaldinho Brazil

Ronaldinho or Ronaldo de Assis Moreira by birth was born on the 21st of March, 1980 in Brazil. He was a former Brazilian football player. He had the position of attacking midfielder or forward player in the Brazilian national team. He is presently playing for a Brazilian club Atletico Mineiro. He has won the award of FIFA World Player of the Year twice in 2004 and 2005.in January, 2007, he applied for Spanish citizenship. He was also added in FIFA 100 which is a list of greatest footballers and has been compiled by Pele. He also had FIFPro World XI title for 4 consecutive years from 2004 to 2007.

His career high performances include his appearance in the Brazilian team when it won the FIFA U-17 World Championship in the year 1997. In this game, his first game came out to be a penalty against Austria which was later on won by Brazil. He player scored two goals and was awarded with the Bronze Ball. In 1999, Ronaldinho was quite busy playing international cricket. His first appearance was in the South American Youth Championship where his extraordinary performance led the team to secure third place. He also participated in the same year’s FIFA World Youth Championship but, the team was defeated by Uruguay in the quarter finals. Three days prior to the Copa America of 1999, Ronaldinho earned his first ca for the team by winning 3-0 against Latvia. He was also included in the FIFA Confederations Cup in 1999 in which made hat-trick goals in the semi final round against The Saudi Arabia. He won the Golden ball award to be the best player in the tournament along with the Golden Boot award for being the top scorer of the game.

Top 10 Dribblers on Football Fields

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Top Midfielders of FIFA 1978-2006

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Today’s Best Midfielders in Soccer

Cristiano Ronaldo

The football is a team game that is played between two teams including eleven players a side. Out of these eleven players, some plays the game as defenders, some plays as attackers and some players play it as midfielder. The midfielder’s role is considered to be the strongest as it is the link between defenders and attackers. Let us look at world’s best midfielders in football during 2005-2010.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo: With his all-round dribbling, shooting and tackling abilities, Cristiano Ronaldo is considered to be one of the best midfielders in the world and he has the good capability of converting the scoring opportunities into the goal.

2. Ronaldinho: A Brazilian with the brilliant all-round skills is also considered to be one of the best mid-fielders in the world today. He can pass the ball to any corner of the ground with his sheer skills.

3. Lionell Messi: A player who won FIFA’s best player of the year award in 2009 is currently world’s best midfielder who has skills to score goals from the long ranges and he can also pass the ball to all the corner of the ground.

4. Frank Lampard: The Englishman has always helped the England to win the games with his sheer skills and footwork. He has also converted lots of opportunities into the goal for England.

Best Attacking Players


Comparison Between Italian and Brazilian Soccer Teams

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From a trophy room perspective, one can easily compare the Italian soccer team to that of Brazil, both winning an impressive number of World Cups, with Italy coming one cup short of Brazil’s 5 different wins. But a comparing the two teams from any other perspective is simply ridiculous, as they are at different ends in what regards to their style of play. If Brazil won most of these World Cups through aggressive & breathtaking soccer, the Italian national soccer team won theirs through a workable, tactical style.

Focusing strictly on Italy’s soccer team, which in my regard has an edge over brazil, so, it was hard for the Italian Football Federation to scoop up a solid team with Italian soccer teams playing in regional competitions instead of a single organized championship and didn’t participate in the first World Cup held in 1930, having a strong national team they made their debut in 1934 the World Cup, where they managed the first World Cup in the history of Italian soccer. After that the hunger for trophies and fame made the Italian soccer team enter the 1938 World Cup in which they also managed to defend their title making themselves as invincible in soccer industry. Despite remaining a strong squad and few bad years Italy ended up securing two more worldcup titles including the last one in 2006. Your browser may not support display of this image.

On the other side, the Brazilians have a team that has more world championships and have a record of being the only nation to participate in every World Cup. The Brazilians won its first world cup in 1958, with a very young but impressive Pele regarded to as one of the best players in sporting history. Four years later, the Brazil soccer team won the world cup again and later went on securing 3 more titles with the last one in 2002.

The team is an explosive mixture of talented players. Ronaldinho, Marcos Cafu, Luiz Ronaldo and Roberto Carlos are the players to watch from the Brazilian team. The soccer-crazy nation has around 200 million Brazilian fans, who are crazy for another feather in their country’s cap this time. Brazil Soccer Team has always been full on its fans requirements and time will tell whether this time they will fulfill the wishes of their country people or not.

Top Five Money Making Celebrities in Soccer

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David Beckham

The high salaries earned by soccer players, are currently one of the most discussed topics throughout the football world. The question as to if athletes in general and soccer players in particular, should be earning the kind of money they’re earning is more pulsating then ever these days, with clubs paying their players incredible amounts of money each year. It’s somewhat difficult to judge exactly how much a player makes simply from his club salary, because many wage details are private, due to obvious reasons.

France Magazine has recently compiled a list of the highest paid soccer / football players in the world at large which is as follows:

David Beckham, $49.4 million

No one can shift soccer merchandise like Beckham. He did it for Manchester United during his pomp and for Real Madrid over the past four years, where he won over the fans if not the critics. Now coming to America on the back of potential $250 million marketing and playing deal with the Los Angeles Galaxy, he has proved he has the marketing savvy to put him in the elite of sports commercial superstars who outlast their playing days.

Ronaldinho, $38.4 million

The impish Barcelona is not only enjoying the number 2 spot but is also having the best of seasons by his own standards. Like many of the stars of the last World Cup, a long club and international season has taken its physical toll. But he leapfrogged David Beckham last year to become soccer’s top-earning player thanks to endorsement deals with Nike and the likes of consumer electronics giant Sony.

Lionel Messi, $36.6 million

Lionel Messi is an incredibly gifted soccer player who currently plays for Spanish giants FC Barcelona and the Argentine national team. He was almost indispensable in Barca’s first squad and although several thigh injuries kept him away from the pitch, he came back in force in the 2006-2007 season and is playing inform to date.

Cristiano Ronaldo, $31 million

Cristiano was famous about his soccer skills from his teenage. His dazzling footwork and goal-scoring touch made him a teenage star that was known as one of the most exciting young soccer players in the world. Cristiano Ronaldo’s talent caught the eye of Manchester United manager, Alex Ferguson, who bought him for $20 million US at that time and now he is one of the highest paid sport personalities in the world.

Thierry Henry, $26.8 million

One of Europe’s most feared strikers the Arsenal captain’s elegance and glamour on and off the pitch is remarkable-he is marriage to model Nicole Merry keeps him a marketers’ favorite, while his Arsenal contract of $220,000 (£112,000) a week keeps his bank manager merry, too.

Top 3 Football Players in the World

Cristiano Ronaldo

There are thousands of famous football players all around the world, coming from various inter-continental football teams and national teams; some of which are universally recognized and cherished by millions of fans. Among others, the most famous three football players this time round would include;

• Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid,

• Ronaldinho from AC Milan, and

• Kaka from Real Madrid

The first two need no mentioning as their names go along with fame in any part of the world. Kaka on the other hand is highly reputable in the football world, yet very much understated in many peoples’ eyes. Cristiano Ronaldo came under the limelight at a young age and has thus far redefined wingers and their ‘real’ position in the game by his quick pace and trickery. Ronaldinho, a Brazilian footballer is known not only for his ‘grinning’ at all times, but also for his position in being the best player in the pitch who could scare the life out of any defender.

Kaka on the other hand is simply the best player in town who combines Brazilian flair with European directness in his playing. Kaka is also known for his conservative religious views on personal life through representation via t-shirts and his wedding style.