Shooting in Soccer

Roberto Carlos

A game of soccer is played between two teams, each side having eleven players. Soccer is a game of dribbling, tackling, and passing, shooting and scoring maximum number of goals in a football game to win the game. Without any of this technique, you can’t become a best football player in the world. It has been said that, even if you have good dribbling techniques, it won’t count if you doesn’t have the ability to shoot the ball into the goal-post. From your posture to your foot angle does matter in your success of scoring a goal.

The art of shooting a ball depends on two aspects. The first is Position of the ball in the ground as well as way of striking a ball. In order to shoot the ball from the ground, you have to keep your eyes on the ground. The volleys can be played in the mid-air and it requires the sills of jumping at the right time with the kick. Another method of shooting is called half-volley or semi-volley. In semi-volley, player shoots a ball when ball is in the motion of falling onto the ground and while falling, it is shooting by a player. The art of shooting requires real precision to convert it into the goal else ball can go anywhere.

Football is a team game where two teams compete with each other to score more number of goals in the match to win the match. Each team has eleven players playing on the ground and one of them plays a role of goal-keeper. This game is an art of dibbling, tackling, passing and shooting the ball into a goal-post in order to score a goal. Shooting is one of the very important skills for becoming a good soccer player. Let us look at some of the best football shooters of 2005-10 in the world.

1. David Beckham: One of the best football shooters world has ever seen. His shooting capability has measure a solid accuracy. He can swing the ball in any direction and can shot the ball wherever he wants. In one instance, he shot the ball directly into the goal-post from the half-line mark of the ground.

2. Ronaldinho: This Brazilian plays all the art of football to its perfection. With having one of the best dribbling and tackling techniques, he is also known to be the best shooter of the football whose free-kicks are marked to be one of the best in the world.

3. Christiano Ronaldo: A Portugese whose is a best dribbler and one of the best shooters in the current world. With his dual ability, he has converted many opportunities into the goals.

4. Steven Gerrard: An Englishman who can play the football at its best and with his free-kicks, he has made into the list of best football shooters.