Shooting in Soccer

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A game of soccer is played between two teams, each side having eleven players. Soccer is a game of dribbling, tackling, and passing, shooting and scoring maximum number of goals in a football game to win the game. Without any of this technique, you can’t become a best football player in the world. It has been said that, even if you have good dribbling techniques, it won’t count if you doesn’t have the ability to shoot the ball into the goal-post. From your posture to your foot angle does matter in your success of scoring a goal.

The art of shooting a ball depends on two aspects. The first is Position of the ball in the ground as well as way of striking a ball. In order to shoot the ball from the ground, you have to keep your eyes on the ground. The volleys can be played in the mid-air and it requires the sills of jumping at the right time with the kick. Another method of shooting is called half-volley or semi-volley. In semi-volley, player shoots a ball when ball is in the motion of falling onto the ground and while falling, it is shooting by a player. The art of shooting requires real precision to convert it into the goal else ball can go anywhere.

Football is a team game where two teams compete with each other to score more number of goals in the match to win the match. Each team has eleven players playing on the ground and one of them plays a role of goal-keeper. This game is an art of dibbling, tackling, passing and shooting the ball into a goal-post in order to score a goal. Shooting is one of the very important skills for becoming a good soccer player. Let us look at some of the best football shooters of 2005-10 in the world.

1. David Beckham: One of the best football shooters world has ever seen. His shooting capability has measure a solid accuracy. He can swing the ball in any direction and can shot the ball wherever he wants. In one instance, he shot the ball directly into the goal-post from the half-line mark of the ground.

2. Ronaldinho: This Brazilian plays all the art of football to its perfection. With having one of the best dribbling and tackling techniques, he is also known to be the best shooter of the football whose free-kicks are marked to be one of the best in the world.

3. Christiano Ronaldo: A Portugese whose is a best dribbler and one of the best shooters in the current world. With his dual ability, he has converted many opportunities into the goals.

4. Steven Gerrard: An Englishman who can play the football at its best and with his free-kicks, he has made into the list of best football shooters.

Soccer Gears

Zinedine Zidane

Soccer is a game that can be played with eleven members in a team. In a game of football, two teams compete with each other to score highest number of goals in order to win the game. There can be four defenders, four wingers, two strikers and one goal-keeper in a team. All of these guys need appropriate soccer gears to play a game of football on the grass turf. The soccer gears for a regular soccer player include soccer jerseys, shorts, socks, special soccer shoes and sheen guards. For a goal keeper, there is an additional accessory of hand glove is important. Let us discuss all these gears in detail.

Soccer shorts and jerseys are made from the special nylon material that can dry-out the sweat from the body and can give a comfortable feel to a player. There are various eminent brands that are producing such jerseys and shorts. The soccer shoes are special kind of shoes that should be flat on the sideways to kick the ball as well as they should be spike studded in the bottom to support the shoes while running on the grass turf. The socks should be comfortable and sheen guard can be worn under the socks and just above the shoes that can protect the leg from the spikes of other’s shoes.

Tackling in Soccer

Frank Lampard

Soccer is a game of skills which includes tackling, dribbling, passing and shooting a ball to the goal post in order to score maximum number of goals to win a game. Soccer is a game that is competed between two teams in order to score maximum number of goals. In order to become a part of soccer team, a player needs to have all the above skills. Let us discuss the skill of tackling in football. Art of tackling is very important for the players who are defenders and attackers.

To tackle the ball means, taking the ball from the control of opposition. This is a very tough skill as it requires a real hard-work and strategy. Because, the ball is currently with the opposition, you need to block a player from all the sides for not allowing him to pass the ball to the teammate and after blocking it; you can take the ball away from him. According to the today’s game, where ball possession is very important, tackling has become main weapon for all the teams. Basically, there are three different types of tackle in the soccer these days. Sliding table, the pocking tackle and the block tackle. Use of a particular tackle depends on the situation of the ball.

Football is a game of sheer skill and physical fitness to become a champion player of the game. The football skills include dribbling, passing, tackling as well as shooting the ball into the goal post to score the maximum number of goals. There are certain players who have gain expertise in all these skills and have become masters of the game. The art of tackling the football is necessary for all the players, whether attackers or defenders. Let us today, look at the best football tacklers from 2005-10 who have gain class in tackling the football.

1. John Terry: The name is very famous amongst the best defenders and this defender has gained his skill of defense by mastering the skill of tackling. He can tackle the ball at footballs’ very best.

2. Ronaldinho: This Brazilian has gained the mastery in all the skills of football which includes tackling. This man has master the skill with different types of tackling which also includes blocking the ball.

3. Fabio Cannavaro: This Italian captain has also mastered the skill of tackling the ball. Being a defender at the Italian team, he has always helped the team to stop the opposition players from scoring the goals and blocking the balls coming to the goal post.

Best Attacking Players


Being a Soccer Goalie: Soccer Goal-Keeper

Iker Casillas Fernandez

Soccer is a game of dribbling and passing the ball, creating goal opportunities and scoring a goal in order to win the match. The game that is also known as football is played between two teams and each side can have eleven players playing in a team. The most important player of this game is none other than Goalie or Goal-keeper who stands at the goal-post to save the ball from going into the goal post and not allowing opponent players to score a goal. Soccer Goalie is the only player in the entire game who is allowed to touch the ball with hands. Rest others can play the ball with foot, head or chest.

Being a soccer goalie is a tough task as it requires lots of skills. Apart from learning the dribbling, passing and other skills required by other players, goalie also needs to learn to stop the ball from going into the goal post. It is very important for him to keep his eye on the ball as ball comes into the goal scoring area. If a goalie can scare an opponent to play a wrong shot, it is said that the job is well done. It is always important for a goalie to keep his calm and nerve while the ball comes to him. He is the last one of the team who can stop an opponent form scoring.

Soccer is a game of passing and dribbling the ball and scoring maximum number of goals to win a game. The game is played between two sides, each side having maximum eleven players playing on the soccer ground. A goal-keeper or a goalie is the last player of the team who can stop an opponent from sending a ball into the goal post and scoring a goal. Let us look at some of the best goal-keepers in the 2005-10 world of soccer.

1. Gianluigi Buffon: This Italian is the best goal-keeper in the world and he was the one who stopped Zizu’s header in 2006 world cup final to stop France from winning a game and helped Italy to lift the world cup by stopping the balls while the game was in its last stag of penalty shootout.

2. Peter Czech: A Czech Republican who is currently paying from the football club Chelsea is one of the best goal-keepers who have a record of 855 minutes without conceding a goal. He is known to be Chelsea and Czech Republic’s best ever goal keeper.

3. Edwin Van Der SAR: A Dutch captain who is also playing in the football club Manchester United has done his duty to its best by scoring countless numbers of goals.

Comparison Between Italian and Brazilian Soccer Teams

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From a trophy room perspective, one can easily compare the Italian soccer team to that of Brazil, both winning an impressive number of World Cups, with Italy coming one cup short of Brazil’s 5 different wins. But a comparing the two teams from any other perspective is simply ridiculous, as they are at different ends in what regards to their style of play. If Brazil won most of these World Cups through aggressive & breathtaking soccer, the Italian national soccer team won theirs through a workable, tactical style.

Focusing strictly on Italy’s soccer team, which in my regard has an edge over brazil, so, it was hard for the Italian Football Federation to scoop up a solid team with Italian soccer teams playing in regional competitions instead of a single organized championship and didn’t participate in the first World Cup held in 1930, having a strong national team they made their debut in 1934 the World Cup, where they managed the first World Cup in the history of Italian soccer. After that the hunger for trophies and fame made the Italian soccer team enter the 1938 World Cup in which they also managed to defend their title making themselves as invincible in soccer industry. Despite remaining a strong squad and few bad years Italy ended up securing two more worldcup titles including the last one in 2006. Your browser may not support display of this image.

On the other side, the Brazilians have a team that has more world championships and have a record of being the only nation to participate in every World Cup. The Brazilians won its first world cup in 1958, with a very young but impressive Pele regarded to as one of the best players in sporting history. Four years later, the Brazil soccer team won the world cup again and later went on securing 3 more titles with the last one in 2002.

The team is an explosive mixture of talented players. Ronaldinho, Marcos Cafu, Luiz Ronaldo and Roberto Carlos are the players to watch from the Brazilian team. The soccer-crazy nation has around 200 million Brazilian fans, who are crazy for another feather in their country’s cap this time. Brazil Soccer Team has always been full on its fans requirements and time will tell whether this time they will fulfill the wishes of their country people or not.

Beckham vs Ronaldo

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David Beckham

For many years, if you were to ask the average joe on the street to name the best soccer player in the world, those who do not follow soccer would probably say David Beckham.

But now times have changed, and it appears there’s a challenger for the world’s most famous soccer player. On the field, their personalities are as bright as they are off the field.

Cristiano Ronaldo  is quickly becoming the new Hollywood-style soccer pro who is stirring up the buzz on and off the field.  The 23-year-old is the first since Beckham to draw the attention of the world outside of football in media.  He received yet another individual award when he comfortably won the iconic Ballon d’Or trophy and a sponsorship deal with Nike.

Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United’s newest young hero when he signed from Sporting Lisbon in August 2003 and was immediately given David Beckham’s number 7 shirt.

Leading up to the 2006 World Cup, Ronaldo had seven goals through qualifying. Ronaldo was again excellent during Portugal’s ahead of Euro 2008 and is rising at an alarming rate to become one for the best footballer ever known.

While Ronaldo is in the tabloids regularly with new things going on but Beckham has maintained his image to date.

Born in Leytonstone on May 2, 1975, David Robert Joseph Beckham was a Manchester United fan from a very early age and aged 16, he signed as a trainee with Man U. But it wasn’t until 1997 that he really emerged into the spotlight, In November 2003 David received an achievement award what he described as his “best” honor to him. The success enjoyed by David on the football pitch was perhaps only equaled by that of “Brand Beckham”. Marketing initiatives based on his iconic status included a fragrance as well as money-making sponsorship deals with Gillette, Pepsi and Motorola. Keen to pass on his love for ‘the beautiful game’, David has also branched out into establishing football academies.

The Legends: Pele and Maradona

Pele and Maradona

When looking at the game of soccer you may not have to look very far into the past to see just who exemplifies the game as a whole and can truly be called the “All-Time Best.”

Pele (Edson Arantes do Nascimento) was rated as the best player in the world. Only he and Diego Armando Maradona have received the honors of being the greatest players.

Pele – a name short in length but long in significance. Pele had an incredible eye for goal with deadly strike force and always glowed with confidence, even at such an early age. He was the first to play on three football World Cup winners. He is hailed in Brazil as a national hero and is an instrumental ambassador of the game. He played 1,345 games for Santos and scored 1,281 goals in his 22-year career. In 1974, the Pele was also nicknamed the Black Pearl which was considered a great honor by him. After Pele retired, he took his energy as an athlete and put it into his career as a global pitchman and ambassador for soccer.

It has been more than a quarter of a century since his last competitive game, yet Pele cannot visit any country without crowds flocking. When a reporter asked if his fame can be compared to that of Jesus Christ, Pele replied, “There are parts of the world where Jesus Christ is not so well known.”

Maradona, despite his controversies, was one of the most skillful players to ever play the game and he won several trophies for his teams. Maradona played in four World Cups for Argentina, steering them to success in 1986 where he was awarded with the Golden Ball award. Maradona had strength, could run with the ball and could withstand challenges, unlike players who can’t withstand challenges even where there’s no contact! These are his main attributes as highlighted these days, not only could he score goals with his unstoppable runs where he could take out a whole defense on his own, he was a team player too.

Maradona did however achieve similar goal-scoring feats to Pele; most notably one of the best ever was his 159 goals in 240 matches including a goal against England in a dazzling solo run voted as Goal of the Century in the 1986 world cup.


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UEFA was founded on 15 June 1954, in Basle, Switzerland because many people felt there was a need for a separate governing body dedicated mainly to European football. When FIFA approved the formation of continental football associations in 1953, UEFA’s creation was assured. Since then UEFA became the guiding hand and governing body of European football.

Its most prestigious event is the UEFA European Championship which is held every 4 years featuring the top class teams from all over Europe. UEFA has diversified a lot as it grew in stature. It has various existing committees and expert panels, which study the game, hold discussions, make decisions and recommendations and suggest changes.

UEFA is comprised of 53 national football associations. Through their work in organizing top class European competitions for national teams and staging the best club competitions in the world, UEFA carries out a wide range of activities to promote and develop European football.

The activities undertaken by UEFA to fulfill its mission are driven by the urge to promote football game to the extreme. UEFA has therefore the following vision of success:

“A united European football family working together to improve enjoyment of the game.”

To manage UEFA staff and resources efficiently, to provide first-class administrative support to the work of all UEFA Committees and to communicate efficiently internally and externally, UEFA has a fully developed Budget management Objective setting Staff, management IT support Internal control systems and Forward planning block which generates and then invests that money again in different forms of the game to keep the soccer players alive.

3 Close Links between England and Football

Eden Hazard

England and football, also known as soccer in many parts of the world, have many things in common. It’s arguably questionable as to what the two could have in common; seeing that one is a country with a millennium-old history and the other one is a game that’s not even two centuries old. Well, there are indeed plenty of links or ties between England and football; some of which are outlined below;

• Football was revived in England
• The English popularized football and spread its influence worldwide
• Football leagues in England are among the most famous in the world

It’s true that the history of football has always been questionable, but there are plenty of records indicating the revival of football in England in the 19th century, although it was much confined to the high society aristocratic people in their private soccer clubs; conferring it a high-class status in the initial days. Towards the turn of the new century, the English popularized the game throughout the world, with the rules following along. People around the world easily adapted to this new game due to its openness. Apart from that, some of the most famous football leagues, tournaments, and clubs are also from England, even back in the yesteryears.

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