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CA Osasuna football club profile

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ca-osasuna football-logo

Club Atletico Osasuna, commonly known as Osasuna, is a Spanish professional international league club, located in Irunea-Pamplona, Navarre, Spain. The club plays in the Spanish top-flight (La Liga) and regarded as average league side mostly played in the Top-Division and Second Division. Osasuna plays home games at “Estadio Reyno de Navarra” stadium, capacity of 19,600 spectators.

CA Osasuna well known as the “Los Rojillos” and “Gorritxoak” (the little red ones), plays home games in red jersey with navy blue shorts, and away games in Navy blue jersey with Orange shorts.

The club was officially founded in 1920 after the merger of two different clubs, Sportiva and New Club, creating thus a new club named Osasuna.

The club made their first appearance in the second Divison in 1932 and after just three years later they marked their first presence in the La-Liga. In 1985-86, Osasuna achieved their first honor to enter the UEFA Cup competition after finishing sixth on the La Liga table.

90’s was the golden period for CA Osasuna, as they showed an execellent UEFA Cup performance in 1991-92 season.  But relegated to the second division in 1994-95 season, the team spent next five years in second division till 1999-00. Since then the club is performing regularly in the top-division mostly finishing below the mid-table in the La Liga show.

Osasuna football club is currently lying on 12th position in the La Liga 2010-11 season with 32 points in 28 fixtures. Osasuna has successfully played 33 seasons in La Liga, 33 seasons in Second Division, 13 seasons in Third Division and one season in Categorias Regionales.

Osasuna chairman, Patxi Izco is hoping to do much better with manager, Jose Luis Mendilibar in the future football of club, signing new players to lift the team up in the top four position to qualify for the UEFA and winning the major trophies.

Top 10 players of Real Zaragoza football club

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Performance record of Real Zaragoza football club

Real Zaragoza football club

Real Zaragoza S.A.D. are one of those Spanish professional league clubs which could surprise you with the biggest up-sets on the field against any European side. They play great football with great techniques. They had a long football history with many historic moments which throw the sufficient light to prove them as one of the best teams in Spain.

Real Zaragoza football club won the first title for club in 1963/64 season by winning the Copa del Rey trophy. The very next season, the club won the same title for two consecutive years and repeated in 1985-86, 1993-94, 2000-01, and 2003-04 seasons.

The club has spent most of its time in the Spanish top-flight, playing 56 seasons in La Liga, while 16 seasons in Second Division and 4 seasons in Third Division.

Real Zaragoza football club is more often regarded as the Spanish mid-table league team and has an honor winning the major trophies like UEFA Cup Winners’s Cup back in 1994-95 season.


  • Copa del Rey: 6 (1963/64, 1965/66, 1985/86, 1993/94, 2000/01, 2003/04)
  • Spanish Supercup: 1 (2004)
  • Inter-Cities Fairs Cup: 1 (1963/64)
  • UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup: 1 (1994/95)
  • Segunda Division: 1 (1977/78)


  • 56 seasons in La Liga
  • 16 seasons in Segunda Division
  • 4 seasons in Tercera Division

Best League position: 2nd (74/75 season)

Worst place in the league:  20th (season 01/02)

Overall La Liga historical classification: 9th

  • Most matches: Aguado (473), Violeta (471), Juan Manuel Villa (382)
  • Most minutes: Aguado (33,480), Violeta (29,042), Senor (26,984)
  • Most goals all time: Marcello (117), Murillo (113), Pichi Alonso (112)
  • Most goals in a season: Ewerthon (28), Seminario (25)
  • Foreign players with most appearances: Gustavo Povet (239)
  • Highest red cards: Aguado (18), Cuartero (8), Belsue (6)

Honours as a Player

  • Pichichi Trophy
  • Juan Seminario: 24 goals (1961/62)

Real Zaragoza football club profile

Spanish football club Zaragoza

Real Zaragoza S.A.D. is a Spanish international league football team, located in Zaragoza, Aragon, Spain. The club was founded on March 18, 1932 and plays in the Spanish top League (La Liga). The club plays home games at “La Romareda” stadium, having capacity of 35,000 people.

Real Zaragoza S.A.D., well known as the “Blanquillos” and “Manos”, plays home games in white jersey with royal blue shorts, and black and yellow away kits.

Real Zaragoza football club has a strong history playing most of the football years in the Spanish top-division.  They are Spain’s 9th highest ranked team in overall league points, and ranked 6th overall for cup wins.

The today Real Zaragoza football team was originally a found of two rival teams, Iberia SC and Real Zaragoza CD. By the 1930, the team was doing well in La Liga but the Civil War put a break on their progress.

The club has successfully played 56 seasons in La Liga, 16 in Second Division and 4 seasons in third Division, including 4 appearances in UEFA Championship. 1960’s was the golden era for Real Zaragoza. Though they failed to win their ever league title (La Liga) yet they did succeed in finishing in the top 5 every year from the 1960-61 season up until the 1968-69 season. In 1963-64 and 1965-66 season they also won their two Copa del Rey trophies and repeated in the later years of 1985-86, 1993-94, 2000-01 and 2003-04 season.  In 60s, the club also won the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup.

Real Zaragoza football club is regarded as one of the strongest Spanish league team, mostly played in mid-table position of top division. But unfortunately this season they are just hanging on the 15th position on the La Liga 2010-11 table and four points away from the relegation zone and Almeria football club.

Performance record of Real Sociedad football Club

Spanish football club Real Sociedad football Club

Real Sociedad football club has an old football history with many golden moments in it. The club has been promoted to the first division for 2010-11 season after spending three consecutive years in second division. The club is a regular performer and currently holds 9th position of the La Liga table.

Real Sociedad football club had won their first major trophy “Copa del Rey” in 1908-09 season and repeated in the 1986-87 season.

1980’s was found as the best time in the football history for Real Sociedad, winning La Liga title two times in the 1980-81 and 1981-82 season. In the same 1981-82 season the club won the “Supercopa de Espana” title.

Real Sociedad football club is regarded as one of the best international league club in the history of Spanish football. They are a continuous threat to any European side and have a potential to beat any Spanish giants like Real Madrid football club and Barcelona football club.

Real Sociedad FC has successfully played 64 seasons in the La liga (1st Division) and 16 seasons in Segunda Division. The honors they achieved in the past few years are:


  • La Liga
  • Winners (2): 1980–81, 1981–82
  • Runners-up (3): 1979–80, 1987–88, 2002–03
  • Winners (2): 1908–09, 1986–87.
  • Runners-up (5): 1909–10, 1912–13, 1927–28, 1950–51, 1987–88
  • Winners (1): 1982
  • Winners (3): 1948–49, 1966–67, 2009–10
  • Runners-up (2): 1940–41, 1942–43
  • Copa del Rey
  • Supercopa de España
  • Segunda División

Real Sociedad football club profile

Spain Real Sociedad football club logo

Real Sociedad football club is a Spanish international league club located in San Sebastian, Basque, Spain. The club was originally established on Sep 7, 1909. Real Sociedad football club is a Spanish top-flight league team and plays home matches at “Anoeta” stadium, having capacity of 33,000 people.

Real Sociedad FC well known as the “Erreals” or the “txuri-urdin” which means “White-Blue”, plays home games in the White and Blue vertical stripe jersey with white shorts, which is also the color of their home town flag. At away games, the club wears the Black and Blue stripe jersey with Black shorts.

The entire history of Real Sociedad football club witness the great football played over the years. The Club was officially founded in 1900s, when the club was formed by some students and workers in 1904 as San Sebastian Recreation football club and successfully played the first Cope del Rey competition in 1905. After changing to Real Sociedad football club name, they made their first appearance in the La Liga in 1928. In their very first appearance the team came fourth on the table and Francisco Ocariz Bienzobas commonly known as “Paco”, former Real Sociedad football player” finished as the top goal scorer for that season. Since then the club has made 64 appearances in the La Liga competition and 16 appearances in Sedunda Division (second division).

Real Socieded football club is regarded as mid table league team mostly played in the second and first division. In 2009-10 season the club top the second division and promoted to the 1st division. The club is playing on the 9th position for the current 2010-11 on going season in La Liga. The manager and coach of Real Sociedad football club, “Martin Lasarte”, is feeling pretty much satisfied with the team’s performance the current La Liga on-going show and aiming high for the next season.

Top ten players of Real Racing Santander football club

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Performance record of Real Racing Santander football club

Spanish football club Real Racing Santander

1970s was the most controversial season in the history of Racing Santander football club. In 1973-74 season, Racing promoted to the League 1 after their worst run in the 2nd and third division for few years, relegated again to 2nd division in 74-75 season, they made their way back to top league again in 76-77 season making their way to European Championship Cup next season, where they were eliminated by Ajax Amsterdam. Racing Santander football club returned to the top flight in 1992 and in 95 a place in the final of the French Cup, promoted to the European cup, where they reached to the final 16 but lost to Italian giants AC Milan football club.

Till then Racing Santander football club only once relegated to the Second Division in 2001-02 season. They are regarded as the below mid table league team but managed to keep playing in the La Liga (Top Division) for last 8 years. In 2003-04 season, Racing was allowed to stabilize the club amongst the national elite and to win the favor of the Alsatian public once again. In 2005, Racing Santander won their second domestic trophy that gave them the passport to play in 2005/06 UEFA Cup.

In 2007/08 season, under manager, Marcelino García Toral, Racing Santander finished in sixth position, thus qualifying to the UEFA Cup for the first time ever. Plus the club reached the semifinals of the Copa del Rey twice during this decade, being ousted by eventual runners-up Getafe CF and Atlético Madrid FC in 2008 and 2010, respectively.



  • Coupe de France winners (3): 1951, 1966,2001
  • Coupe de la League winners (2): 1997, 2005
  • UEFA Intertoto Cup winners (1): 1995


  • Largest victory 8-1 (vs. RC Paris 194647) and 7-0 (vs. OGC Nice 196264)
  • Largest defeat 0-8 (v. Limoges,195960)

Top ten players of Deportivo La Coruna football club

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