Performance record of Real Racing Santander football club

Spanish football club Real Racing Santander

1970s was the most controversial season in the history of Racing Santander football club. In 1973-74 season, Racing promoted to the League 1 after their worst run in the 2nd and third division for few years, relegated again to 2nd division in 74-75 season, they made their way back to top league again in 76-77 season making their way to European Championship Cup next season, where they were eliminated by Ajax Amsterdam. Racing Santander football club returned to the top flight in 1992 and in 95 a place in the final of the French Cup, promoted to the European cup, where they reached to the final 16 but lost to Italian giants AC Milan football club.

Till then Racing Santander football club only once relegated to the Second Division in 2001-02 season. They are regarded as the below mid table league team but managed to keep playing in the La Liga (Top Division) for last 8 years. In 2003-04 season, Racing was allowed to stabilize the club amongst the national elite and to win the favor of the Alsatian public once again. In 2005, Racing Santander won their second domestic trophy that gave them the passport to play in 2005/06 UEFA Cup.

In 2007/08 season, under manager, Marcelino García Toral, Racing Santander finished in sixth position, thus qualifying to the UEFA Cup for the first time ever. Plus the club reached the semifinals of the Copa del Rey twice during this decade, being ousted by eventual runners-up Getafe CF and Atlético Madrid FC in 2008 and 2010, respectively.



  • Coupe de France winners (3): 1951, 1966,2001
  • Coupe de la League winners (2): 1997, 2005
  • UEFA Intertoto Cup winners (1): 1995


  • Largest victory 8-1 (vs. RC Paris 194647) and 7-0 (vs. OGC Nice 196264)
  • Largest defeat 0-8 (v. Limoges,195960)

Profile of Real Racing club de Santander football club

La Liga football club racing-de-santander-logo

Real Racing club de Santander is a Spanish international league football club located in the Satander, Spain. The club was established in 1913. Real Racing Santander football club is a La Liga (1st division) league team and plays home games at “El Sardinero” stadium, having capacity of 22,500 people.

Racing Santender football club, well known as the “Los Verdiblancos” (Green and White) and “Los Montaneses” (Highlanders), plays home games in the white and green combination jersey with Black shorts, and use black, red and blue combination jersey with Black shorts for away games.

Racing Santander football club played its first match on Feb 23, 1913. The club officially founded on june 14, as Santander Racing Club, appearing in the first tournament, Luis Redonet Trophy. In later years they merged to Santaner Football Club. The club made their first appearance in the La Liga (Top Spanish Division) in 1929. Since then they are regarded as one of the best teams in the Spanish football history. They mostly played in the La liga and second division, but also four times participated in the third division in 1940s and 1960s.

Racing Santanders has successfully played 43 seasons in La Liga, 32 seasons in Second Division, 1 Season in Second Division B and 4 seasons in Third Division. The current 2010-11 season is Racing Santanders consecutive 9th season in the La Liga, the best ever run from the club since 1929 when they remained in the top league for 9 consecutive years.

In 2007–08 La Liga season, under Marcelino García Toral, Racing Santanders finished in sixth position, and qualified to the UEFA Cup for the first time ever and reached the semifinals of the Copa del Rey twice in same dacade.

On Jan 22, 2011, the club was purchased by the Indian business tycoon Ahsan Ali Syed, founder and chairman of Western Gulf Advisory, an investment company, and hired a new management team, firing coach Miguel Ángel Portugal and hired a new manger, coach Marcelino.

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Performance record of Deportivo La Coruna football club

Spanish football club Deportivo La Coruna

Deportivo La Coruna football club is regarded as one of the best clubs in Europe and a regular Spanish top League team. Depor has a long history with many great moments in it. The club has a potential to beat any side at any time. Depor won the first title “Galician Championship” in 1926-27 season and repeated five times in 1927-28, 1930-31, 1932-33, 1936-37, and 1939-40 season, and finished 6 times as runners-up in 1924-25, 1925–26, 1929–30, 1931–32, 1933–34, 1938–39.

In 1999-00, Deportivo La Coruna football club won the first and only La Liga title, also finishing as runner-up on five other occasions and since then the club is a regular performer in the top league. In 1995 they won the first Copa del Rey trophy and repeated in 2002. The club has also won the Spanish Cup twice in 1995 and 2002 and three Spanish SuperCups. The club is more often regarded as Spanish mid-table league club and has an honor of playing in the UEFA Chapions League five seasons in a row and reaching the semi finals in 2004.


  • 1 (1999/2000)


  • 5 (1949/1950, 1993/1994, 1994/1995, 2000/2001, 2001/2002)


  • 4 (1992/1993, 1996/1997, 2002/2003, 2003/2004)


  • 2 (1995, 2002)


  • 4 (1999, 2003, 2006, 2007)


  • 3 (1995, 2000, 2002)


  • 5 (2000/2001, 2001/2002, 2002/2003, 2003/2004, 2004/2005)


  • 1 (2003/2004; exit against winners FC Porto)


  • 2 (2000/2001, 2001/2002)


  • 1 (1995/1996)


  • 1 (1995/1996; exit against winners PSG)


  • 5 (1993/1994, 1994/1995, 1997/1998, 1999/2000, 2008/2009)


  • 2 (2005, 2008

Profile of Deportivo de La Coruna Football Club


Deportivo La Coruna is a Spanish international football league club based in the city of A Coruna, Galicia, Spain. The club was founded in 1906 and Luis Cornide was the first president of Deportivo de La Coruna Football Club. DLC is a La Liga (1st Division) league team and plays home games at “Riazor” stadium, having capacity of 35,000 spectators.

Deportivo La Coruna football club, well known as the “ Depor”, “Los Turcos”, “Branquiazuis (The Blues and Whites) and “SuperDepor”, plays home games in the Blue and White stripe jersey with Blue shorts, and uses black jersey with black shorts for away games.

Deportivo La Coruna won the first La Liga title in 1999-00 season and finished five times as runners-up on the other occasions. Depor has also won the Spanish League title twice in 1995 and 2002, and three Spanish Super Cups. The Branquiazuis have been a regular on the Top positions in La Liga in the last 20 years and so. The club is a regular participant in the European Championships, playing UEFA Champions League five seasons in a row, reaching the semis in 2004.

The “SuperDepor” is regarded as one of the most favorite teams in Europe and continues threat to any Spanish Rivalries and even to any European giants. They have a strong history in playing superb football over the years. Deportivo de La Coruna football club has played 40 seasons in Primera Division, 37 in Second Division, 1 in Second Division B, and once in Third Division, including 5 appearances in UEFA Champions League, 5 in UEFA Cup, 1 in UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup and 2 appearances in Intertoto Cup.

The chairman, Augusto Cesar Lendoiro, and the manager, Migual Angel Lotina has really worked hard for the side to become as one of the best sides in Europe.

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Performance record of R.C.D Espanyol football club

Espanyol football club is one of the best teams in Europe. They made 9 appearances in the UEFA Cup competitions, 2 times in the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup, 2 participations in Intertoto Cup, 75 appearances in La Liga seasons and 4 seasons in Second Division.

Espanyol football club marked its first presence in the La Liga in 1928, and in 1929, the team won its first Copa del Rey trophy, and repeated in 1940, 2000 and 2006.

Espanyol football club has appeared 9 times in the UEFA Cup competition, and finished two times as runner-up, in the 1987-88 season and 2006-2007 season. In 1988 they lost to Bayer “Leverkusen football club” on penalty kicks. In 2007, again they reached the finals of the UEFA Cup, though again they lost to “Sevilla football club” on another penalty kick.

In 1993/94 season, Espanyol football club finished top at the Segunda Division and returned to the top flight (La Liga). In 1994, Espanyol football club created a new reserve team, Espanyol B. The side is currently playing in Second Division B.

2009 was the saddest season for Espanyol football club as they lost their Captain Daniel Jarque, who had a sudden death by heart attack during a pre-season training session in Italy.


  • Copa del Rey
    • 4 – 1929, 1940, 2000, 2006
  • UEFA Cup
    • Runner-up (2): 1987–88, 2006–07
  • Segunda División
    • 1 – 1993–94

Competition summary

  • 7 participations in UEFA Cup
  • 2 participations in Inter-Cities Fairs Cup
  • 2 participations in Intertoto Cup
  • 75 seasons in La Liga
  • 4 seasons in Segunda División

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