Best Coaches and Captains of Chelsea – All time

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Top ten captains of Chelsea – All time

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History of Chelsea Club

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Top Ten Coaches and Captains of Arsenal – All time

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Arsenal Football Club

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Top 3 Milestones in English FCs’ History

 Alex Ferguson

English football clubs, or shortly known as FCs (the abbreviation is commonly used after their names), date all the way back to the 19th century when football was initially revived and reintroduced by the British, probably after having discovered the traces of the game from the past. In the past two centuries or so, football clubs have become a way of life in England and there have been many milestones to date, three of which would include:

• the founding of Sheffield FC,
• the drawing up of the Cambridge Rules, and
• The influence over World Cup and FIFA.

There are possibly many other important milestones in the history of English FCs, such as the FA cup establishment, the first victories, the pre-war and post-war domination by predominant FCs and others as well. Sheffield FC is the oldest football club in England, which also inspired the founding of many other FCs around the country. The drawing up of the Cambridge Rules was also important in the history, as it was only implemented into practice by the very first and few FCs initially; something that obviously would not have spread thus far without the latter group. It’s worth noting that the oldest football clubs in the world also collectively pushed for the football World Cup after the WWI years.

Top 3 Milestones of Arsenal

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Top 3 Milestones of Chelsea

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